While the overall crime rate declines, the incident rates of mass violence are increasing. When we look at what motivates the individuals who commit these acts, one common denominator is they are intent on increasing the body count. More then 90% of mass shootings end when the assailant is killed or commits suicide. Avoidance is superior to engaging, and attacking is far from your best option, but the choice may not be entirely in your hands. You’ll leave this course knowing how these engagements play out, have some practice and experience making some tough but critical decisions!


  • Common Traits of Mass Murderers
  • Psychology of Violence
  • Case Study: Aurora Colorado
  • Decision Making in Crisis
  • Analyzing Mass Shooting Locations
  • Case Study: Virginia Tech
  • The Reality of Run, Hide, Fight
  • Introduction to Interpersonal Violence
  • Case Study: Thalys Train
  • Overview of Improvised Weapons
  • Practical Application Walk Through


Open Registration: $275.00

Breakfast and Lunch Included with open registration courses.

Online Lecture: Coming Soon!

On-Site Lecture: (2 Hours) $2500.00 plus travel

On-site Workshop: (7 Hours) $7500.00 plus travel

The workshop includes a review of the three case studies provided to attendees that illuminate the successes and failures in actual situations. We look at what visible indicators there were that these individuals were going to act out, what they did to prepare, how they selected their targets, and how they executed their plans. From there we explore the mind of violent criminals and mass murderers. We introduce crisis decision making skills, information management, and the 70% solution. While Run, Hide, Fight sounds great in theory, many people have never been in a physical altercation. We conduct a brief but effective introduction to interpersonal violence, and the identification and use of potential improvised weapons. We end the day by walking through the facility and evaluating potential avenues of escape, places to barricade, and weapons of opportunity. You’ll leave confident that you know what to do and how to react in when and if you ever need to!

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Doug Esposito
Its great if you can see the threat coming and avoid it. That's actually the perfect solution. Unfortunately, the other guys gets a say in how this plays out, and when you need the solution to the 10% problem, you're far better off with some level of experience and training...


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