California’s Latest Crippling Gun Laws

CA-SealIf you are a firearm owner, one or more of California’s 6 new firearm bills signed into law by Gov. Brown will likely affect you. There is a lot of buzz on the internet about what is and is not in the bills so let’s clear away some of the digital clutter.  At the outset, I should advise that I am not a lawyer, so for your consideration and research, a link to the bills have been provided. Along with my take on how it will impact honest, law-abiding CA citizens do your research and make sure you have a firm grasp on what these bills mean.

1. Senate Bill 1235, Chapter 55 discusses ammunition licensing and limits. Voted on by the Governor on July 1, 2016, it states that ammunition sales will only be made “face-to-face” through a State licensed Ammunition Seller. Individuals interested in buying ammunition will … Read more »

The Fourth of July

As the Fourth of July approaches, many of us are preparing to celebrate this occasion with family barbeques, neighborhood parades, impressive concerts and colorful firework displays.  I have to admit, it is one of my favorite holidays.  No fanfare of gifts, it is simply a day in which we celebrate as a nation, as communities, and as Americans and place aside any difference to remember the strength we possess in our unity.

Signing-the-declarationOn this day, we remember how our founding fathers worked to secure a free nation that represents the people, for the people, by the people.  A nation guided by republican ideals, which valued liberty and unalienable individual rights, while rejecting inherited political power as symbolized by a corrupt ruling class, which at the founder’s time was the British monarchy. Simply stated, the Founders rejected a form of government in which citizens were governed without direct representation and guaranteed Read more »

Preparing for California Wildfires


It is a story Southern California knows all too well, wildfires.  The smell of smoke and the dark clouds rising from the brown, dry land scape.  Triple digit temperatures are fueling several fires currently and threating homes near LA.  Some people have already been evacuated and others have volunteered to do so. This is not an unusual occurrence, California has wildfires almost every year. Therefore, residents should be prepared for this situation and have precautions on hand or at least know what precautions to take.    It is important to have things ready before there is an actual emergency so you know how to react.CA-homes

Two years ago, fires popped up in a number of locations in Southern California.  One of the first fires was in Fallbrook and threatened my kid’s school. It took over two hours for the buses to leave the school because parents were panicked and trying Read more »

Reducing Mass Violence

crime-scene-30112While I am no fan of the Brady campaigns use of inaccuracy, in this case they have used actual facts, to create a product that has the potential to reduce mass murder and homicide. This is quite different from their usual playback of blaming inanimate objects for societal failure. This concept has the potential to help start the process of alleviating those societal failures.
The Brady Campaign has developed a plugin for the Chrome browser that will block the names and photographs of any murderer from being displayed. Ogilvy and Mather are the marketing component of what they are calling “Zero Minutes of Fame”. The glorification of mass murder is a clear contributor to future acts of mass murder. That is not an opinion or idea; it’s a statically valid fact.
We know that nearly every mass murderer has studied and practically obsessed, about prior mass murderers. Certainly they look … Read more »

An Armchair Analysis of the Terrorist Attacks in Brussels

What Happened:

Brussels was hit in two different locations approximately seven miles apart by multiple attackers. We have at least one confirmed suicide bomber, an AK-47 and reports of Arabic spoken prior to the attack. We have “suspicious packages” reported at the royal residence and one other government building which are in the process of being dealt with by explosive ordinance teams.

At about 8:00AM local time, a suicide bomber approached the security checkpoint at Zaventem airport and detonated his explosives. He did not pass the internal security zone and detonated in the crowd cueing at the check in desks near the entrance to the internal security checkpoints. Reports of shots being fired prior to detonation have been reported, but not confirmed. An AK-47 is reported to have been found near the scene. 10 people are currently reported dead and 100 injured.

Surveillance video reveals three men, one of whom … Read more »