Getting Faster – Its not magic, its work…

Speed and accuracy are the great equalizers on the range. They provide a simple, factual reference on your performance. Almost every pistol competition you shoot has an element of time in its scoring. In USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) your hit factor is determined by the number of points you score divided by the time it took you to shoot them. In IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) you’re scored off of your total time plus time added on for inaccuracy and penalties. The holes in the target are the second, easy to measure, indication of your performance.
It almost always pays to be faster in competition, and to have the skills to be faster in real life is never going to hurt you. The question I am constantly asked by my fellow competitors, other shooters, and clients on the range is how do I get faster? The answer is … Read more »

PTSD – What Combat Mindset Means After Combat…

This week we are publishing a guest article from a Marine, author, and guest lecturer; Dan Sheehan. Dan has just released his second book, Continuing Actions. His personal experience with, extensive research on, and tips for moving beyond the suffering caused by PTSD may be the difference between surviving a violent encounter and living a complete life after a violent encounter.

About the Author: Dan Sheehan spent twelve years in the Marine Corps as an AH-1W Dan Sheehan - PTSD - Aegis Academy - Continuing Actionshelicopter gunship pilot. He served two combat tours in Iraq: The first as a pilot during the 2003 invasion, and the second as a ground Forward Air Controller with Marine Corps Special Operations Command, Detachment One in 2004. He was awarded several medals for heroism in combat, including the Bronze Star w/V. When he’s not writing or chasing his kids he’s usually on, or under, the ocean. He has written two books and Read more »

Thalys Train Attack – A Cultural Bias for Action

Thayls Train Attack - Aegis AcademyIn France this past week, we saw the actions of six people thwart what would mostly likely have been a very severe attack on the Thalys Train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris. There were over 500 people on the train, and yet only six acted. Undoubtedly, there were others in the vicinity who could have acted, but they choose not to, or chose instead to distance themselves from the attacker. Conversely we saw employee’s of the company that operated the train lock people out of cars in a desperate attempt to save their own lives, even though their actions clearly increased the risk for those who could not have escaped the gunman. What is interesting, is that undoubted, Americans were in the minority by a substantial percentage, and yet four of the six who acted, were American.

One of the Americans involved in thwarting the attack was quoted as saying … Read more »

Improving your trigger control one finger at a time

Exercise your fingers to improve trigger control

aegis academy, trigger control, firearms instructor, pistol shootingEarlier this year, I added yet another part of my aging body to the list of hurts and complaints. My wrists began to feel stiff and painful, and I had to admit that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome apparently is a real thing. I am already challenged by a set of appendages that are notoriously short with rather svelte paws. I have significantly damaged both hands in my career, my left hand goes numb regularly from scar tissue and the fingers can barely turn a key. My dominant hand was broken twice and I am sure a career playing piano is not going to be in my future. You may be asking yourself why is this relevant to firearms?

Our fingers, especially their ability to smoothly pull the trigger without disturbing the sights, are hugely important in becoming accurate shooters. Unless you’re a rock climber … Read more »

Remington 887 Nitro Mag Tactical Gun Review

Remington 887 Gun Review

remington 887 gun review - aegis academy -Remington has taken the venerable and reliable shotgun and pulled it into the 21st century. For the most part pump action shotguns have changed little since John Browning’s model 1893, and most innovation (after double action bars) was a plethora of accessories you could add on to your favorite gun to make it as tactical, or look like bush. There was no reason to re-invent the wheel, so Remington refined it instead. I first picked one up when I borrowed Howard Hall’s to attend a weeklong shotgun course. Lucky me, Howard had obtained his recently and despite his intimate knowledge how a fellow Marine can break things, offered me the chance to “break it in”. Challenge accepted sir. I did in fact bring it home in one piece.

Lets face it. The Nitro Mag looks cool, and looking cool is half the battle. Its space … Read more »