Springfield XD Review

From a 1911 to a Springfield XD…


I first came across the Springfield XD about 3 years ago. After attending the Aegis Academy’s Instructor course, I retired my faithful 1911 and dove into the world of striker-fired guns. I had tried out a Glock 17 in the final days and with much fanfare and ribbing admitted that I enjoyed how it shot. So catching up to the 21st century I started shopping. Sitting in the display case I noticed the XD. My first thought was I liked the grip safety,  it was familiar like a 1911 or maybe I was thinking of my manhood should I decide to appendix carry concealed. I picked up the 4” service model and it felt good, I liked the size and features. While not as pretty as some other guns, it feels and looks solid. Springfield was offering a military and Law … Read more »

California Gun Legislation 2014

California Gun Legislation 2014

California Gun Legislation As we approach the end of the session, some will be scrapped, but a few of these will make it to vote and will probably pass. You can influence those decisions by engaging with your legislators. Here is what you need to know at a minimum, but as always, don’t just take my word for it, the links to the text are included in the title.

Feel free to post any ideas, concerns about individual bills and thoughts others can use when writing their legislators. Remember, when writing politicians, use plain, simple English written at an 8th grade level. Remove the emotion and keep it very short or you will lose their attention. Five hundred one paragraph emails are far more powerful than 50 long winded diatribes that no one will read!

AB 48, Nancy Skinner, D – Firearms: ammunition: sales

This bill proposes that … Read more »

How to Build a Firearms Training Course

A training program is different than training…

Aegis Academy-pistol training-firearms training course“To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.” – Confucius

As a firearms instructor I consider myself a mentor or guide and I believe a great amount of thought should go into creating and implementing a firearms training course. If you are an experienced shooter or an instructor, the ability to shoot is not often the problem. Sharing your experience or knowledge often is. It is not just the physical action of shooting, but the organization, logistics, safety and small details required to successfully run a course. Setting up drills is easy. My intent is to provide you some guidance on how to begin and what subjects you need to consider.  If you look online for how to build a firearms training course, you will see a plethora of “courses of fire”, drills or target schemes … Read more »

Which Shotgun to buy

aegis academy, which shotgun, shooting, shotgun shooting, firearms trainingYou now have decided to dive into the opinion filled world of which kind of shotgun to buy. Like all firearms purchases, you need to be able to make an informed decision that suits your needs. Just like pistols and carbines, the three important factors are FIT, FUNCTION, and FINANCE. Once you have answered these questions, other factors such as accessories and looks can be left to your personal preferences. As shotguns can be used for home defense and sport shooting and hunting, there is long list of variations to suit each need. For this articles purpose I will stick to which shotguns you should buy for home defense.


There are up to two main points when it comes to fitting a shotgun. The first is the distance to the trigger from the butt stock. This distance is important, as you must be able to place the … Read more »

History of the Carbine

history of the carbine, Aegis Academy, firearms instructor, firearms training, shooting, carbine classHistory of the Carbine

The history of the carbine is tied to the rifle at its beginning, however, it evolves into its own version of the rifle through time. The first carbines were essentially shorter barrel muskets designed for cavalry use. Even the term carbine is sourced from its first users, cavalry troops called “Carabiniers”. Commonly called Dragoons, these troops would ride into battle and dismount to fight.  Their muskets had to be short enough to be carried on horseback and generally were the same length as a sheathed cavalry saber, this allowed them to carry the firepower, but still engage in sword melee. Firing from horseback was difficult, especially with the inaccurate muskets of the day, so mobility and portability was the name of the game. The high mobility theme of smaller and lighter designed weapons continued until the present.  The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines made … Read more »