History of the Carbine

history of the carbine, Aegis Academy, firearms instructor, firearms training, shooting, carbine classHistory of the Carbine

The history of the carbine is tied to the rifle at its beginning, however, it evolves into its own version of the rifle through time. The first carbines were essentially shorter barrel muskets designed for cavalry use. Even the term carbine is sourced from its first users, cavalry troops called “Carabiniers”. Commonly called Dragoons, these troops would ride into battle and dismount to fight.  Their muskets had to be short enough to be carried on horseback and generally were the same length as a sheathed cavalry saber, this allowed them to carry the firepower, but still engage in sword melee. Firing from horseback was difficult, especially with the inaccurate muskets of the day, so mobility and portability was the name of the game. The high mobility theme of smaller and lighter designed weapons continued until the present.  The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines made … Read more »

Gun Safety Rules and a Few Tips!

gun safety and rules, Aegis Academy, firearms instructor, pistol shootingFirearms are excellent tools for both personal defense and recreation. Having a good working knowledge of gun safety  rules is an part of being proficient. Unfortunately, many web sites and Internet forums default to “humorous” safety tips and rules or worse, things that are simply unsafe.  Here are a few gun safety rules and tips to think about as a responsible gun owner. Before we talk about tips you need to know and understand the Four Universal Safety Rules. There are variations on the theme, but Jeff Cooper is generally credited with distilling these down to the key elements to creating a safe gun owner. These apply to any firearm.

Gun Safety Rules

1. Treat every gun as if it was loaded.

Do not ever do anything with an unloaded gun you would not do with a loaded one.

2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing Read more »

History of the Rifle

The History of the Rifle 

history of the rifle; Aegis Academy; Firearms InstructorThe history of the rifle is a long one, but the term rifle was originally applied to the grooving inside a barrel with the first examples being referred to as “rifled guns” or “rifled muzzleloaders”. As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary: “Rifle: a gun that has a long barrel and is held against the shoulder when you shoot it, or to cut spiral grooves into the bore of.” It is also possibly from the French term, rifler, which is to scratch or file.

Rifling in itself is not specific to shoulder fired guns, as cannons had been rifled as early as 1664, and examples used in 1776 by the British. There are common features which separate cannons from rifles; a stock, barrel and trigger/ignition mechanism. There are variations on these three features as technology progressed and, for many years, early rifles shared characteristics of their … Read more »

Orphaned Project, Don Mirra


Orphaned Project, Don Mirra

Every so often I come across something that makes me question the goals that we as a society pursue. Seeing the Orphaned Project was one of the moments.

~ Patrick Henry


Every day, 75 girls under the age of 18 go into prostitution and 65 boys go into hardline crime. Most of those children are street kids and orphans. I was compelled to find these children to tell their story of lost hope and lost childhood. What I discovered was a world so vast it was almost incomprehensible. And yet, it is entirely preventable.

Reality is grim for a parentless child.  More than half of those orphaned in sub-Saharan Africa are between the tender ages of ten and fifteen.  In the Ukraine, the standard of living has plummeted since the end of communism and children are being abandoned at an alarming rate.  Life expectancy for … Read more »

Innovation in Performance Tactical Clothing

Aegis Academy, Beyond Clothing, Tactical ClothingAs discussed in the shot show review, I saw a lot of reinvention of a variety of tactical wheels, but not a lot of real innovation in the industry this year.

I finally saw some last week, so I thought I would fill you in. I was invited to tour the Beyond Clothing store in Seattle last week and the president (Rick Elder) spent about and hour giving me a tour of the facility, explaining his take on the brand and his vision as well as showing me some amazing technology that is going to truly change the higher end of the clothing industry. A week at the shot show with guns, lasers, bullets and rehashes of every good idea under the sun – but ultimately, not much new. On a whim in Seattle – performance outer wear visit – and there it is – something fundamentally different. I see Read more »