Gun Safes – What to know before you buy!

Gun Safes – What to know before you buy!

Gun Safe, Aegis Academy, Firearms TrainingIf you own a firearm, you need a gun safe. We’ll get to what safe in minute, but spend a few seconds on why. Regardless of what state you live in, level of proficiency with the gun, or family situation, proper storage is your responsibility. Many states, including California, have enacted legislation, which will make you legally responsible if you do not properly store your firearms. You need to know the regulations and laws in your state, but beyond that there is a moral obligation all responsible gun owners have to protect their firearms from begin stolen by criminals. A gun safe is the best way to do that. Now back to what gun safe to buy!

Deciding on what gun safe to buy can be a daunting task. Looking past manufacturer claims and other gun owners’ opinions are four real … Read more »

Gun Confiscation in New York – what progress in the past year!

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New York has a city government that has gone way beyond the fringes of the rest of the country. The U. S. constitutions fourth amendment guarantees (against unlawful search and seizure) do not apply to the citizens of New York City, as the city has  enacted a “Stop and Frisk” policy. The First amendment is apparently delegated to the whims of the New York Department of Education, which is in the word banning business.  Why should the Second Amendment be any different? As of Nov. 18, it is not! New York is relying on the apathy of the American people to allow them to trample the Constitutional rights of its citizens and it is being successful.

On Nov. 18, 2013, right here in America, 500 New York residents are being forced to choose between turning in their firearms or becoming criminals. Five hundred letters were mailed out … Read more »

A New Front Sight – Probably Not!


With the proliferation of aftermarket items, we are getting a lot of questions about what to buy for your guns. For most clients, you don’t need to change anything on your gun except the amount of time you spend with it in your hand. Practice and you’ll see significant improvement. A new front sight will probably not make most people shoot noticeably better. You simply can’t buy efficient manipulation and trigger control; you have to earn that – with practice. When it comes to pistol sights, here are some thoughts to help determine if a new front sight might help you! Answer this simple question. What is the main purpose of the pistol? Is it for defensive or concealed carry, competition or is it a showpiece?

A Defensive Carry Front Sight

Night-sights For defensive carry, I recommend a tritium front sight post. Get rid of the rear dots. Just like that … Read more »

H&K P2000SK Review

Take a look at the HK P2000SK

hk-p2000-sk-review - gun review-Aegis Academy If you’re looking for a reliable sub compact gun, the HK P2000 SK is worth considering. My first experience with H&K was in the late 90s, when I tested the USP model. I remember it being reliable, heavy, and built to last. Many of the same features of that system are present in the HK P2000 SK.

Foremost the HK P2000 SK is a sub compact, so the grip is small for most hand sizes. The magazine makes up part of the grip when inserted, and even so is small for my size 8 glove hands. It is workable for most hand sizes I have seen, as several of our clients have used the gun. It is a double-stacked magazine, and holds 10 rounds in the California legal versions. The diameter of the grip will fit larger hands a bit better, but the … Read more »


California Gun legislationAn update on California gun legislation.

Each of these will be challenged at the federal level. While I even support some of the proposed measures, it is the federal government’s job to establish the standards by which the 2nd amendment is enacted, not California’s. We need to educate people and remove the irrational fear of guns from the equation so that we can actually deal with the violence in our society. Regardless, most of California’s gun legislation will be overturned some day, however, if signed into law it will be a costly and unnecessary expense.

AB 187 – Ammunition tax

Status: In appropriations

Summary: Apply a 10% tax to retail sales of ammunition.

Opinion: This is equivalent to a “sin” tax or a gas tax. It will be massively ineffective at generating revenue if SB 53 is signed in to law as every one will purchase ammunition out of state.… Read more »