SlowDownClassical conditioning is the basis for any effective skill development program. With physical skills, the basis is neuromuscular programming, which effectively means myelination of the neuro-pathways that support movement of the appropriate muscle groups. In other words: repetition! That said, not all repetition is equal.

Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. Never has there been a truer adage when it comes to shooting. A correct repetition is the basis for development of a more efficient neuromuscular pathway. An incorrect repetition is the basis for the development of a “Bad habit.”  Bad habits are extremely hard to break once they become hardwired. The only way to break a bad habit is through neuromuscular “reprogramming” by extensive repetitions of the correct technique.  Given a finite amount of time and ammunition for training, it is better to avoid bad habits and steer toward a path of learning and reinforcing … Read more »


Ca Gun ControlI’m sure there are many who believe it is  an almost insurmountable challenge to travel to California with your firearms, but many of our clients manage to successfully transport their guns to and from our courses each week! In spite of Sacramento’s best efforts, you can legally bring your guns into and transport them around the state. Its actually not even that complicated – so here are some guidelines to make it easy!

For handguns:

1. You must be 18 years and not prohibited from possessing a firearm (Meaning not a criminal, not mentally incapacitated, and not subject to a restraining order, or involved in a domestic dispute).
2. The gun must be unloaded and locked in a container – not the glove box or center console. The trunk of your car is considered a container provided it is not readily accessible from the passenger compartment. For example, a sedan … Read more »

Gun Control is a fantasy, the future of gun policy

3D guns, Gun control is a fantasy, Gun control, Cody wilsonGun Control is a fantasy ~ Cody Wilson, Defense Distributed.

Over the past six to eight months, there has been a lot going on in the world of gun control and legislation. The officials in Congress and the Executive Branch spent a significant amount of time and money debating with the video game industry, Hollywood, gun manufacturers and constitutional rights groups about the future of gun control and how to implement said controls and enforce said laws. In the end, the Senate shut down all proposals due to lack of support, the President was upset, and pro gun groups rejoiced. All the while, a young man named Cody Wilson was working on an idea in his facility in Austin, Texas, that would turn the idea of control completely upside down; he was working on building 3D printed guns. 

3D printing is a fairly new technology that has gained a lot … Read more »


Cooperate and graduate…

WingedGunIf you are considering flying with firearms in your checked-baggage, there are a few rules, regulations, and some common sense procedures that you should follow.  On many occasions, I have traveled on airplanes with a firearm in my checked baggage and have yet to have any significant problems.  We get a number of questions about flying with firearms. It’s actually pretty straightforward and far easier than people seem to imagine.

First – every airport is required to comply with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. TSA requires the firearm(s) to be locked in a hard sided case. The case must be secure – meaning you cannot bend the plastic and reach inside the case. You can transport up to 16 pounds of ammunition in the factory packaging with your firearms. Some airlines restrict you to 10 pounds of ammunition and none that I know of allow a pile … Read more »



Aegis Academy firmly believes that safe and secure communities begin with citizens who are both informed and engaged in taking an active role in protecting themselves and the ones they love. Furthermore, we believe that mindset and awareness form the foundation safety and security with the responsible use of firearms as only one possible solution to be used as a last resort.

During an online forum on Facebook on Tuesday 19 February 2013, hosted by Parenting Magazine, Vice President Joe Biden made some comments regarding self-defense that were misleading (you don’t need an AR-15… they are harder to use), some were false (you don’t need 30 rounds to defend yourself), but the most egregious and erroneous was his recommendation on how individuals SHOULD defend themselves.

Vice President Biden quickly stated “buy a shotgun… buy a double barreled shotgun.” While Aegis Academy does not disagree with the first part of his … Read more »