Grip tapeIf you have purchased a new pistol lately, you have noticed you can spend a lot of money on very fancy, high-speed grips, some of which will add over a hundred dollars to the total cost of your weapon. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular after-market grips and discuss some options.

The fancy new grips come in two models, slip-on type and replacement panels, both of which have pros and cons. The slip-on type are usually a molded synthetic rubber that is sticky to the touch but can become slippery when moist or wet and can add thickness to an already thick grip area. Replacement panels can be pricey but may or may not add girth to the grip of the weapon. They do not however, address any problems or shortfalls in the front or back strap of the weapon.

Anytime you can increase your purchase … Read more »

Why dry-fire an empty gun?

Snap caps 2When compared to the skyrocketing costs of ammunition and the ever-present need for maintaining proficiency, “dry-fire” practice is a very cost effective solution! Dry-fire conditioning does not require copious amounts of ammunition or travel to and from the range… it can be done in your own home.  Dry-fire practice can consist of the Drill of the Day, dry warm ups before competitions, visualization of certain movements, or simply honing a specific skill.

For competitions or demonstrations, we always try to do at least a few dry runs. Sometimes visualization is the only practical method to mentally walk yourself through the target engagement  before performing the skill in a live-fire environment.  Unfortunately, the pre-game practice sessions don’t work for dealing with threats in the real world. That’s where consistent practice, planning, and training are a huge part of the equation. Look at any military or operation and you’ll see this … Read more »

There is no such thing as a “routine” head shot

It’s nothing like the range or your video game…

Andrea RebelloI don’t get offended all that often, but today is the exception. Apathy, Arrogance and Ignorance tend be pretty high on the list of the defects that draw my ire. Here is an example of a combination of all three from the founder and president of the largest firearms training school in the country. His Arrogance, Ignorance and Apathy are dangerously misinformed and counterproductive to training responsible citizens to defend themselves and their families.

He published his weekly blog post today on the Nassau County Sheriff who shot Andrea Rebello last week, and I was unfortunately exposed to it. First, it is true that there appears to be a lack of sustainment training in the NYPD. Second, anyone who decided that a 12 pound trigger on a Glock is a good idea, or that somehow makes you safer knows nothing about … Read more »


Snap CapsDon’t let the slide slam forward on a 1911 if you can avoid it. They are typically designed to have a round in the chamber when they engage which slows and buffers the impact significantly. A few times, here and there is not a big deal, practicing repeatedly (racking the slide) on a 1911 can cause excessive wear on internal parts, specifically the “disconnector” which usually results in a multi-shot pistol.

Older firearms, anything with a fixed firing pin and rim-fire guns should not be dry fired. Fixed firing pins (typically revolvers where the firing pin is part of the hammer) can be damaged as the pin is designed to strike the primer of a cartridge. Without the cartridge in the cylinder, the forward movement of the hammer freely strikes the hammer nose bushing and the frame which places excessive stress directly on the hammer.  Rim-fire guns can actually damage … Read more »

Barrel Twist and Bullet Weight

Barrel TwistRight now, there is no shortage of information, both good and bad, on the Internet, at the gun shops, and on the ranges regarding the ‘Best’ bullets to use with your AR-15 carbine. Due to nationwide shortages from the “panic,” you may be stuck with whatever is left over for the next few months. Regardless, here are few things to think about before you buy your next batch of ammunition.

Almost all bullet manufacturers have a very “high end” bullet that will cost you a fortune. However, depending on your barrel’s ‘Twist rate’ (number of turns the bullet makes over a given length), that high end bullet may not give you the performance you thought you were paying for. 
 There are many factors to consider when choosing which ammunition to fire through your rifle.   Each rifle has a fixed barrel length and “twist rate” measuring how many times the projectile … Read more »