Child Abduction

Child Abduction - Kidnapping aviodance - Aegis AcademyThis week we received a few comments and emails about protecting children from kidnappers, most likely sparked by the brazen attack in Encinitas, California last week by two men who attempted to force a seventeen year old girl into a van. Regardless of what the media chooses to report, the actual number of cases of child abduction are exceedingly rare. Far more often, child abduction is the result of disputes over custody. Exponentially topping that number is the number of runaway/throwaway children who end up exploited at the hands of human traffickers. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provides detailed data on all of these occurrences.
Aegis Academy - Child Abduction - Missing Children StatisticsDespite what Hollywood, Nancy Grace, and the local media would have us believe, child abduction like that depicted in the movie Taken, or nationally popularized cases like Hannah Anderson, Elizabeth Smart or Jaycee Dugard’s are exceptionally rare. That is probably … Read more »

Middle East Strategy and Obama

Iranian Nuclear Deal - Middle East Strategy - Aegis Academy“You made some comments in the newsletter introduction last week about Obama’s speech at the UN. While there is no shortage of critics of Obama’s lack of a strategy in the region [Middle East] what I don’t see is anyone offering an intelligent alternative. What do you think we should do in the Middle East?”. ~ Don K.

Don, thanks for the question. First and foremost, as most of you are aware, I consider Obama’s foreign policy to be his largest failing and undoubtedly view our actions in the Middle East through that lens. Despite that caveat, I will attempt to explain a thought process I do not agree with, while pointing out competing opinions on the subject.

The most common mistake I see people make when discussing Obama’s strategy in the Middle East is to claim that it does not exist. That is very different from claiming it is … Read more »

Violence in America

Violent Crime - Aegis Academy - Violence in AmericaScholars, pundits, and activists have been more and more frequently mentioning the decreasing homicide rate in our society while the media paints a very different picture. We are at the low point of a near twenty-year decline in violent crime in America. Despite this quantifiable decrease, American perception stubbornly holds on to the idea that America has become a more violent and dangerous place. While in some major cities we can see evidence that trend is potentially reversing, the bottom line is America in much safer then it was twenty years ago.
Much of that perception is based on the frequency of reporting of violent crime by our media. The statistics are well documented and present a grossly inflated view of crime as a percentage of other events. As we look at media over time, we can see a steadily increasing diet of violence, crime and social unrest fed to … Read more »

Inequality For All?

Inequality - Aegis Academy - Unequal TreatmentWith the constant media blitz of violent crime, racist cops, transgender harassment, and corporate scandal, you would think America had completely derailed. While there is room for improvement on many fronts, America is by almost any measure one of the more tolerant, opportunity-laden and transparent nations on the face earth. You certainly would not believe that if you picked up any major newspaper or turned on the network news, but compared to the racial divisions, class divisions and risk faced by citizens in other societies, America is exceptional. Conversely, our national perception (According to Pew Polling) is that we are less safe and face more risk than previous generations. The exact opposite is true. We have somehow transitioned national interest to focus on a perception that we are the land of the oppressed.

The real tragedy of the media’s fixation on violence, crime, scandal, and bigotry is the national reputation … Read more »

Resilience – The Key to Personal Security

Resilience - Aegis Academy - Corporate Events

Resilience ~

 : the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress

: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

When we look at business, psychology, or sociology the concept of ‘recoverability’ is a key component in measuring the health and effectiveness of an organization, an individual, or a society. In dealing with unpredictable or unexpected events, the most successful organizations, people, and societies are those able to adapt and create novel solutions to novel circumstances. Elements of the successful actors are creativity, commitment, confidence, experience, and talent but in the case of shocking events the most common term for this collection of traits is resilience.

The black swan is the typical example of a completely novel event. European explorers had never seen a black swan, as that genetic mutation did not exist in Europe, … Read more »