Islamic Extremism Part Three – The Terrorist Group ISIS

In the past two articles in the series, we’ve looked at Saudi funding for the Wahhabist / Salafist agenda and how that has expanded the global jihadist movement. Next, we looked at a bit at the cultural aspects of poverty, poor governance, and other cultural issues impacting extremism that tends to be associated with violent movements. In the third article in the series I planned to provide a broad brush overview of several terrorist groups, however with the death of Mullah Omar being announced in the last two weeks, things have dramatically shifted on that front. As such this article will focus almost exclusively on ISIS as it is quite likely that Al-Qaeda as we know it has ceased to function and that ISIS is going to become the dominant player in extremist Islam.

Origins of the Terrorist Group ISIS

ISIS originated in the Sunni dominated regions of Iraq and … Read more »

What Cyber Attacks Say About Our Values

Two weeks ago we saw United Airlines grind to a halt for well over an hour due to technical challenges with the booking system, so severe that at one point they were forced to issue tickets by hand.  New-York-Stock Exchange
This ultimately led to many being people having travels delayed, missing flights, and having to be rescheduled. Later that same day, trading was halted on the NYSE due to a “technical glitch”. The nations pundits started screaming “We’re under Cyber Attack!”

Last week it was the Office of Personnel Management. They are a government agency that investigates people’s backgrounds for eligibility for security clearances. My personal data and literally everyone who has ever held a clearance since 2000 was compromised – most likely by China. This week it seems to be that Ashley Madison (the online dating site for people looking to cheat on their spouse) is the latest victim of an … Read more »

The Reality of Economic Collapse

Are there Implications for America in the Economic Collapse of Greece?

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing…”Elmer t. Peterson - Economic Collapse

~ Elmer T. Peterson


With the Greek financial debacle starting to unwind, we will see yet another nation forced to make some very tough choices about which promises they will fail to honor. Whether it is default to the International Monetary Fund, the slashing of the pensions of government retirees, or running the printing press until the currency is valueless on the international stage, these are not simple complications with clean answers. Regardless of how they choose to deal with the issues associated … Read more »

Understanding Islamic Terrorism – Religion or Culture?

Does Religion or Culture Drive Islamic Terrorism?

Abu Bakr Al BaghdadiIn the last article, Understanding Islamic Terrorism, we looked at how the Whabbists have been able to export extremism throughout the Sunni Muslim world. The reality is that Saudi funding alone did not put Islamic Terrorism at the top of the global terrorist heap. There were several underlying cultural-shortfalls that have made the extremist message appealing to the subset of Muslims whom support theses causes. On the positive side, the general support for violence and the use of extreme tactics by global Muslims is finally starting to decline.

If we look to the Pew report published in 2013, we see the attitudes Muslims expressed towards extremism as favorable and growing as we discussed just last year in Is ISIS the Future of Islam?. The key indicators available only two years ago were that nearly 50% of Muslims espoused some level of … Read more »

Terrorism, Racism, Violent Young Men and Guns in Charleston, S.C.

Terrorism, Racism, Violent Young Men and Guns in Charleston, S.C.

In Charleston, South Carolina, nine black people were murdered in a racially motivated attack by a young, white male. This has resulted in three general responses from the pundits in the media: Some are clamoring to call it an act of terrorism instead of a “hate” crime and claiming racism; Some are blaming society for raising a generation of violent young males; As expected, some are blaming the gun. Lets take a look at the reality of each of these lines of thought.

Racism is driving Violence…

Cries of racism or terrorism or epidemics make headlines, and ignite a media firestorm which sells advertisements and makes money for the networks. It also blinds us to the realities of the problem. Here are what the facts tell us about race and violence in America:

According to the CDC the rate of … Read more »