Folding Knives – A Brief History

 Knives have been around since before the beginning of recorded history. Various mainstream archeological digs have unearthed evidence of man’s usage of knives dating back plus or minus 8,000BC and some research even prior. The historical evidence throughout the evolution of mankind with regards to development of early edged tools demonstrates that the knife was one of the very first hand-held tools ever created. No one really knows if the knife’s first use was as a weapon or as a tool. In fact, more than ten thousand years later the debate still rages on today with regards to the development of modern knife usage (weapon or tool) policy for US law enforcement agencies.

As with all useful inventions, the knife was a pretty good idea and withstood the test of time – lots of time, roughly ten to possibly twenty thousand years worth of time. Overall knife design went through … Read more »

An Alarming Trend – Women Are Shooting

Aegis Academy - Women Shooting - Alarming Trend - Steve TaraniAn Alarming Trend – Women Are Shooting 

A couple of years ago, a news reporter at a Detroit television station announced that people using guns to defend themselves from marauders may be the beginning of “an alarming trend.” Brace yourself, as the state of the Union may have further deteriorated since. In a related conversation, one of my training industry colleagues asked me if I had also noticed a similar trend – an increase of women in participation of more-than-cursory firearms training.

The answer is a resounding “yes!” The professional firearms instruction community is indeed witnessing more and more women of all demographics arming themselves in America. As a personal security educator, whose job it is to transform his clients into hard targets, this brings a tear of joy and inspired me to dig deeper. Inquiring of other professional educators plus a little snooping around the net for more detail, … Read more »

Home Defense – What you can do

home defense, Steve Tarani, Aegis Academy, firearms training, pistol shooting, self defenseBasic guide to home defense

At the end of a long day at school or work, or after a lengthy trip away, which one of us doesn’t look forward to coming home? It’s the one place where your surroundings are the most familiar. It’s the place where you spend the majority of your hours off, wake up in the morning after a restful sleep and immerse yourself in the things that mean the most to you. Home is where you spend quality time with your family and ultimately it’s where you kick your feet up at the end of a long day.

Home is your castle, your sanctuary, your favorite place to be; it’s where you and your family are the safest and feel the most secure. It’s also a primary target of the predator.

Looking at it from the viewpoint of a predator, your home is a one-stop-shop of … Read more »

Personal Safety Step One – Threat Avoidance

Personal Safety, Aegis Academy, Personal Security

In the world of threat management and protection there are three ways to handle a threat as it develops form a potential threat to an actual physical attack: threat avoidance, threat mitigation and threat defense.

For example if you can’t avoid a verbal argument with someone and they start to raise their voice, you could mitigate the threat by not shouting back at them. Shouting back only adds fuel to the fire. Your personal safety is better served trying to do everything you can to defuse the situation and lower the probability of the threat progressing to a physical attack. Failure to avoid or mitigate the threat and its progression would result in only one option – to defend against the physical threat.

Threat Avoidance results in the easiest and least amount of threat impact and is the most effective means of increasing your personal safety. Mitigation takes more time … Read more »

Knockout Game Defensive Measures

You don’t have to be a victim…

Knockout game, Defensive Measures, Aegis Academy, Steve TaraniWikipedia defines Knockout Game as one of many names given to physical assaults in which one or more assailants attempt to knock out an unsuspecting victim, often with a single sucker punch, all for the amusement of the attackers and their accomplices. [1]

Jim Slater of Associated press writes that reports of Knockout Game have come from around the country including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, St. Louis, Washington DC, etc., and that “the game” has become almost contagious, with tragic consequences.[2]

The rules of the game are as simple as they are brutal. A group — usually young men or even boys as young as 12, chooses a lead attacker then seeks out a victim.  The attacker charges at the victim and begins punching. If the victim goes down, the group usually scatters. If not, others join in, punching and … Read more »