Which Rifle Should I Choose?

How Do I Choose Which Rifle to Buy?

So you have decided to buy a rifle, but the big question still remains: Which rifle should you choose?  There are many options and this can make the choice intimidating for Which Rifle, Aegis Academy, Rifle Training, Gun Trainingsome, especially when you start to consider the high cost of some rifles.  No one wants to get a bad deal, but making a smart buy is difficult when you aren’t quite sure what makes one option better than the other.  This happens to me every time I am unfortunate enough to find myself in a home goods or furniture store.

The good news is (for you rifle shoppers, at least) there is a great deal of information about firearms, and rifles specifically, available online and elsewhere.  Actually, just ask any random person and they will likely have an opinion about the pros and cons of firearms.  This leads me to … Read more »

Buying a gun can be confusing

Tips on purchasing a handgun…

buying a gun-aegis academy-pistol shootingMost of you have purchased a car at some point in your lives. My guess is that you did not walk in to the car dealership and tell the salesman “I have $20,000 and I need a car”… Unfortunately, we see it all the time with people buying a pistol. “I have $700.00 and I need to buy a gun.” This is not the most effective way to approach it!

There are a number of things you should evaluate when you purchase a pistol.  Buying a gun that your friend likes is irrelevant, despite his exemplary service in the 382nd underwater, airborne, black ninja, secret squirrel tough guy division.  Everyone has unique body types and unique requirements for their firearms!

Some of our clients show up for a pistol course with their brand new gun only to find out there was a better choice for … Read more »