Smith and Wesson MP 40 Gun Review

Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Gun Review

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During my time in the Army, I always competed with the same pistol that I was issued, to maximize familiarity with the weapon system that I carried while in uniform. During the beginning of my military career, an Armand Swenson-modified Colt Series 70 .45 was my match gun of choice for completion in those early days of IPSC. I followed by a Beretta 92FS that replaced the 1911 in Army inventories. Approaching retirement, I realized that these self-imposed constraints no longer applied and that I could choose whatever suits me. I needed to try something new.

Inquiring of some trusted law enforcement and military shooters, I was guided to the M&P series of striker-fired polymer pistols, introduced by Smith & Wesson in 2005. Due diligence follow-up searches confirmed that the M&P 40 would become my chosen match blaster. The M&P line is a … Read more »

Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum Review

Do you Feel Lucky Punk?

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With a deep growl, Clint Eastwood’s inspector Harry Callahan catapulted Smith & Wesson into popular culture. The premier of “Dirty Harry”, with its now iconic Smith & Wesson’s 44 magnum inserted itself into the 1971 moviegoers’ collective consciousness worldwide. Sales of the S&W 44 magnum were so high that gun shops had the hand cannon back-ordered for months to meet the clamor for “the most powerful handgun in the world”.

Other manufacturers capitalized on S&W’s success. Examples like the 454 Casull and 480 Ruger eventually found their ways into gun shop cabinets, sharing display space with rare and pricy custom-built 475 and 500 Linebaughs. They had a reputation as big caliber revolver masters, producing the 357 magnum (1935), 41 magnum (1956) and the legendary 44 magnum (1961). Time eventually came for Smith & Wesson to re-establish themselves as number one.

In February 2002 the initial … Read more »