Internal Ballistics Part II – Mechanical Precision

internal ballistics, Howard Hall, Aegis Academy, Gun Training, Firearms TrainingInternal Ballistics – Part II – Mechanical Precision

Welcome back!  Thank you for your interest in ballistics.  So far, we’ve covered a broad overview of the different types of ballistics, weapon function, and the cycle of operations.  (Ballistics – Making Every Shot Count; Internal Ballistics Part I – Cycle of Operation and Firearm Function) This month, I will continue to cover internal ballistics. Defined as the combination of actions and reactions within a firearm as they affect a projectile’s movement to the end of the barrel and ultimately affect a bullet’s flight to target.  With volumes of information available, I’ve chosen to focus this month’s column only on the mechanical aspects of the firearm and will cover ammunition details next month.

When I first started shooting bulls-eye competitions, I was next to a shooter using a 1911 with a six-inch barrel.  In my naiveté, I asked him … Read more »

Personal Defense Ammunition: Hype, Hyperbole and Common Sense

Personal Defense Ammunition, RIP Ammo, Gun Training

The firearm and ammunition markets are fiercely competitive with manufacturers constantly seeking an innovation to lure buyers toward their product.  Some innovations produce an improvement in effectiveness and safety while others are merely marketing ploys. These ploys either contribute no added benefits or are actually a detriment to the effective and safe employment of a firearm.  In this article, I will discuss the attributes of personal defense ammunition, briefly review some recent trends and products and conclude with legal considerations and a common sense approach to selecting personal defense ammunition.

 Personal Defense Ammunition 101

I will provide an in-depth discussion on terminal ballistics in a later article. See my ongoing series on Firearm Ballistics: Intro to Ballistics; Internal Ballistics Part 1.  For this article, I will begin with the generally accepted principles of personal defense ammunition:

  1. Shot placement is the key determinant to ending an unavoidable violent confrontation.  
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Internal Ballistics Part 1 – Cycle of Operation and Firearm Function

Internal Ballistics – Part 1: The Cycle of Operation and Firearm Function

Cycle of Operation; Howard Hall; Aegis Academy; Firearms InstructorWelcome back!  Thank you for your interest in ballistics: the science of shooting.  In this three part series, I will cover internal ballistics and the combination of actions and reactions within the firearm that influence a projectile’s movement through the end of the barrel and ultimately affect a bullet’s flight to target.

Since there is so much information to cover regarding internal ballistics, I will lay the foundation for the next two articles by discussing the cycle of operation and firearm function.  This will serve as both a reference and a guide for understanding the mechanical properties of the firearm and the physical properties of ammunition in the next articles.

Many shooters take for granted that using a firearm simply involves loading the ammunition, deactivating the safety (if there is one), aiming, and pressing the trigger.  However, I … Read more »

Ballistics – Making Every Shot Count!

Ballistics – Making Every Shot Count!

ballistics, Aegis AcademyThis is the first in a series of articles that will discuss the science of shooting and introduce shooters to the main concepts of ballistics in order to  make every shot count.

Over the last 20 years, I have been immersed in all aspects of shooting and have been a dedicated student of ballistics.  As a competitor, instructor, active duty Marine, and law-abiding armed citizen, I have had the opportunity to work with the full spectrum of shooters from novice through professional. I have also seen the differences between “good” and “great” shooters during this time.

At its very core, shooting is simply the act of launching a projectile from a firearm to a target.  Many of us know this is not as easy as it sounds.  “Good” shooters have developed both the mental awareness of deciding when to take the shot and the … Read more »