Gun Confiscation in Connecticut?

Firearms Training, Gun Polictics, gun confiscation, Patrick Henry, Aegis AcademyConnecticut Governor Daniel Malloy signed SB 1160 into law in Connecticut, which required all AR-15 weapons to be registered with the state. The law became effective January 1, 2014, and was in large part ignored by the citizenry. The law was immediately appealed and upheld by a federal appeals court, which provided the precise language that will cause it to be overturned. “Although it creates a substantial burden on the second amendment…” and then references public safety. The 1994 “Assault Weapon” ban was not renewed because in ten years, there was zero discernible impact on public safety. The unfortunate result of this is you now have 300,000 new felons in Connecticut. Law Enforcement Officers are now being forced to make a decision to participate in gun confiscation should the order be given.

After the appeal at the federal level, the state sent out a letter to anyone who attempted to … Read more »

Orphaned Project, Don Mirra


Orphaned Project, Don Mirra

Every so often I come across something that makes me question the goals that we as a society pursue. Seeing the Orphaned Project was one of the moments.

~ Patrick Henry


Every day, 75 girls under the age of 18 go into prostitution and 65 boys go into hardline crime. Most of those children are street kids and orphans. I was compelled to find these children to tell their story of lost hope and lost childhood. What I discovered was a world so vast it was almost incomprehensible. And yet, it is entirely preventable.

Reality is grim for a parentless child.  More than half of those orphaned in sub-Saharan Africa are between the tender ages of ten and fifteen.  In the Ukraine, the standard of living has plummeted since the end of communism and children are being abandoned at an alarming rate.  Life expectancy for … Read more »

Its not the Coke, Its the Character… An open letter to Trey Radel

Trey RadelDear Representative Radel,

I appreciate the fact that you are admitting you have a problem. I appreciate you accepting personal responsibility for your “bad choices”. It is truly commendable that you are seeking treatment for your alcoholism and substance abuse issues. I can only imagine what an immensely challenging and difficult step that is to take. I am hopeful that your attempts to mend the relationship with your wife and son are successful. I wish you nothing but success as you start the process of repairing the damage you have done in your personal life.

As a taxpayer, I am less concerned with your personal problems. You are an elected lawmaker of this nation. If you disagree with the drug laws and policies of this country then change them. That is exactly what you were elected to do.  Supporting the drug testing of food stamp recipients, while accepting your public … Read more »



Aegis Academy firmly believes that safe and secure communities begin with citizens who are both informed and engaged in taking an active role in protecting themselves and the ones they love. Furthermore, we believe that mindset and awareness form the foundation safety and security with the responsible use of firearms as only one possible solution to be used as a last resort.

During an online forum on Facebook on Tuesday 19 February 2013, hosted by Parenting Magazine, Vice President Joe Biden made some comments regarding self-defense that were misleading (you don’t need an AR-15… they are harder to use), some were false (you don’t need 30 rounds to defend yourself), but the most egregious and erroneous was his recommendation on how individuals SHOULD defend themselves.

Vice President Biden quickly stated “buy a shotgun… buy a double barreled shotgun.” While Aegis Academy does not disagree with the first part of his … Read more »