Gun Review: Sig Sauer P938 – Howard Hall

Why this is the gun I carry…

SIg Sauer P938 - aegis academy - gun Reviews - Howard HallThrough 20 years of trial-and-error in finding the right concealed carry pistol to best suit my requirements, the Sig Sauer P938 emerged as my personal #1.  In this product review, I will provide an overview of Sig Sauer’s micro-compact 9mm pistol and share the details of my range report.

My Personal Progression of Concealed Carry Pistols

Twenty years ago, when I first earned my concealed weapons permit and began carrying, I was heavily influenced by my competition experiences with the .45ACP platforms and a relative lack of effective 9mm cartridges.  Therefore, a sub-compact 1911 in .45ACP was the only apparent option for me at the time.  My first carry pistol was the Colt Defender in .45ACP.  It was relatively heavy and had sharp corners that snagged the inside of my shirts.  After a few years, I “stepped up” to the Kimber CDP (Custom … Read more »

Product Review: GunVault MVB500 (Micro-Vault Biometric) Security Container

security container, aegis academy, howard hall, firearms instructorProduct Review: GunVault MVB500 (Micro-Vault Biometric) Security Container

While current and prospective gun owners’ motivations for owning firearms range from personal defense, hunting, recreation, competition and heirloom collection… all bear the legal and moral responsibility to learn how to both operate and store their firearms responsibly.  In my article on Gun Safety – Secure Storage, I highlighted these legal considerations and covered a variety of methods to securely store firearms.  In this article, I will review one particular model of Portable or Specific-Use Containers, the Micro-Vault Biometric, or MVB500 by Gun Vault.

A “Typical” Progression

As a long-time gun owner, I believe that I may have gone through the “typical” phases of firearm security.  When I had owned only a few pistols, I kept them locked in their individual cases and in a relatively secure location in my residence.  As the collection grew, it became more difficult to manage … Read more »

Product Review: AR-15 Scraper Tool

Product Review: AR-15 Scraper Tool

ar15scraper tool aegis academyAs a Marine, competitor, instructor, and firearms enthusiast, I seek to learn as much as I can about my passion for shooting.  At many points along my journey, I’ve come across some useful tools for cleaning and maintenance as well as some pure gimmicks.  In this article, I will review what I believe to be a very impressive, effective, and inexpensive tool to clean and maintain the AR-15.  It is the AR-15 Scraper Tool manufactured by Real Avid.  Trust me, it is not a gimmick.  It is $19.99 very well spent.

Throughout my 20 years in the Marine Corps, in competitions, and for recreation, I’ve been shooting variations of the AR-15 from standard service models through accurized competition models.  I will gladly tell you how much I enjoy shooting this platform.  It is lightweight with fast target acquisition and very low recoil for rapid follow-up … Read more »

Which Shotgun to buy

aegis academy, which shotgun, shooting, shotgun shooting, firearms trainingYou now have decided to dive into the opinion filled world of which kind of shotgun to buy. Like all firearms purchases, you need to be able to make an informed decision that suits your needs. Just like pistols and carbines, the three important factors are FIT, FUNCTION, and FINANCE. Once you have answered these questions, other factors such as accessories and looks can be left to your personal preferences. As shotguns can be used for home defense and sport shooting and hunting, there is long list of variations to suit each need. For this articles purpose I will stick to which shotguns you should buy for home defense.


There are up to two main points when it comes to fitting a shotgun. The first is the distance to the trigger from the butt stock. This distance is important, as you must be able to place the … Read more »

History of the Carbine

history of the carbine, Aegis Academy, firearms instructor, firearms training, shooting, carbine classHistory of the Carbine

The history of the carbine is tied to the rifle at its beginning, however, it evolves into its own version of the rifle through time. The first carbines were essentially shorter barrel muskets designed for cavalry use. Even the term carbine is sourced from its first users, cavalry troops called “Carabiniers”. Commonly called Dragoons, these troops would ride into battle and dismount to fight.  Their muskets had to be short enough to be carried on horseback and generally were the same length as a sheathed cavalry saber, this allowed them to carry the firepower, but still engage in sword melee. Firing from horseback was difficult, especially with the inaccurate muskets of the day, so mobility and portability was the name of the game. The high mobility theme of smaller and lighter designed weapons continued until the present.  The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines made … Read more »