Tactical Light System for Shotguns

Aegis Academy Tech Tip – Mounting a Flashlight to your shotgun!

Shotgun Flashlight - Aegis Academy - Shotgun TrainingAegis Academy members and readers, if you are planning on purchasing a Tactical Light System for your new shotgun, it can quickly become very expensive. Oversize controls, fancy sight systems and magazine extensions will do you little to no good at night if you can’t see and identify your target. The correct tactical answer for nighttime scenario is having your shotgun equipped with some type of Tactical Light on the fore-grip.  A fore-grip with an integral light system and built in pressure switch can retail for more than $300 depending on which shotgun and light system you buy. Let’s look at some of the low cost alternatives for mounting a tactical light to your shotgun.

Do It Yourself Tactical Light Mounting

If you have some basic hand tools, no duct tape or hose clamps please, you can have a … Read more »

History of the Rifle

The History of the Rifle 

history of the rifle; Aegis Academy; Firearms InstructorThe history of the rifle is a long one, but the term rifle was originally applied to the grooving inside a barrel with the first examples being referred to as “rifled guns” or “rifled muzzleloaders”. As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary: “Rifle: a gun that has a long barrel and is held against the shoulder when you shoot it, or to cut spiral grooves into the bore of.” It is also possibly from the French term, rifler, which is to scratch or file.

Rifling in itself is not specific to shoulder fired guns, as cannons had been rifled as early as 1664, and examples used in 1776 by the British. There are common features which separate cannons from rifles; a stock, barrel and trigger/ignition mechanism. There are variations on these three features as technology progressed and, for many years, early rifles shared characteristics of their … Read more »

History of the Shotgun

History of the shotgun - Aegis Academy - Chris White - Shotgun TrainingThe history of the shotgun is a trip through time. The shotgun has been called many different names and has had a variety of uses, both in military and civilian hands. Arguably, it is the most versatile weapon invented in the modern age of warfare. The weapon has had many names over the last few centuries, such as Blunderbuss, Fowling Piece, Scattergun, Trench-gun and in modern time, the Shotgun. Let’s take a look at the history of the shotgun, how it progressed from the 1600’s to today and how it became the weapon/tool we see utilized around the world.

Similar to many things that shoot hot lead, the Germans were the first culture to use a ‘shotgun.’ In the 1600s they designed a weapon called a ‘blunderbuss’ a short musket loaded from the muzzle and fired from the shoulder. This same type of weapon became a ‘fowling piece’ in the … Read more »

Innovation in Performance Tactical Clothing

Aegis Academy, Beyond Clothing, Tactical ClothingAs discussed in the shot show review, I saw a lot of reinvention of a variety of tactical wheels, but not a lot of real innovation in the industry this year.

I finally saw some last week, so I thought I would fill you in. I was invited to tour the Beyond Clothing store in Seattle last week and the president (Rick Elder) spent about and hour giving me a tour of the facility, explaining his take on the brand and his vision as well as showing me some amazing technology that is going to truly change the higher end of the clothing industry. A week at the shot show with guns, lasers, bullets and rehashes of every good idea under the sun – but ultimately, not much new. On a whim in Seattle – performance outer wear visit – and there it is – something fundamentally different. I see Read more »

An Illuminating Look at Pistol Mounted Laser Sights

An Illuminating Look at Pistol Mounted Laser Sights

Laser Sights, Howard Hall, Aegis Academy, Firearms Instructor, Pistol shootingPistol Mounted Laser Sights: Effective Tool or Gimmick?

Few Hollywood action movies depicting SWAT teams or Direct Action shoot-outs would be complete without the added drama of weapon mounted laser sights. When pistol mounted laser sights hit the mainstream civilian market in the 1990’s, I have to admit I initially thought they were a gimmick.  While working as a pistol instructor in the mid 2000’s, I had a number of clients express an interest in purchasing these devices to improve their aim.  Responding to their queries, I maintained that there is no substitute for a firm understanding, refinement and execution of the fundamentals of marksmanship.  However, I lacked the data to support my argument and relied on only conjecture and personal beliefs.

Putting Pistol Mounted Laser Sights to the Test!

To satisfy my own professional curiosity and to better answer client queries, … Read more »