Smith and Wesson MP 40 Gun Review

Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Gun Review

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During my time in the Army, I always competed with the same pistol that I was issued, to maximize familiarity with the weapon system that I carried while in uniform. During the beginning of my military career, an Armand Swenson-modified Colt Series 70 .45 was my match gun of choice for completion in those early days of IPSC. I followed by a Beretta 92FS that replaced the 1911 in Army inventories. Approaching retirement, I realized that these self-imposed constraints no longer applied and that I could choose whatever suits me. I needed to try something new.

Inquiring of some trusted law enforcement and military shooters, I was guided to the M&P series of striker-fired polymer pistols, introduced by Smith & Wesson in 2005. Due diligence follow-up searches confirmed that the M&P 40 would become my chosen match blaster. The M&P line is a … Read more »

Springfield XD Review

From a 1911 to a Springfield XD…


I first came across the Springfield XD about 3 years ago. After attending the Aegis Academy’s Instructor course, I retired my faithful 1911 and dove into the world of striker-fired guns. I had tried out a Glock 17 in the final days and with much fanfare and ribbing admitted that I enjoyed how it shot. So catching up to the 21st century I started shopping. Sitting in the display case I noticed the XD. My first thought was I liked the grip safety,  it was familiar like a 1911 or maybe I was thinking of my manhood should I decide to appendix carry concealed. I picked up the 4” service model and it felt good, I liked the size and features. While not as pretty as some other guns, it feels and looks solid. Springfield was offering a military and Law … Read more »

Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum Review

Do you Feel Lucky Punk?

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With a deep growl, Clint Eastwood’s inspector Harry Callahan catapulted Smith & Wesson into popular culture. The premier of “Dirty Harry”, with its now iconic Smith & Wesson’s 44 magnum inserted itself into the 1971 moviegoers’ collective consciousness worldwide. Sales of the S&W 44 magnum were so high that gun shops had the hand cannon back-ordered for months to meet the clamor for “the most powerful handgun in the world”.

Other manufacturers capitalized on S&W’s success. Examples like the 454 Casull and 480 Ruger eventually found their ways into gun shop cabinets, sharing display space with rare and pricy custom-built 475 and 500 Linebaughs. They had a reputation as big caliber revolver masters, producing the 357 magnum (1935), 41 magnum (1956) and the legendary 44 magnum (1961). Time eventually came for Smith & Wesson to re-establish themselves as number one.

In February 2002 the initial … Read more »

Benelli Super-90 Shotgun

Benelli Super-90 Shotgun Review

Benelli Super-90, Aegis Academy, Chris White, Firearms Instructor, shooting, shotgunAegis Academy members and readers, I did a review of the Remington 870 12 gauge tactical shotgun, but the question always comes up, what about the semi-auto shotguns? We have now done the same for the Benelli Super-90 semi-auto 12 gauge. For starters, it’s very hard to make a true side-by-side comparison of the 870 pump gun and Super-90 semi-auto. Simply because the Benelli can be more than three times the cost of the Remington, depending on which model you chose. The retail price is just one part of the review. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of one of the best high-end auto loaders.

As the name implies, the Benelli Super-90 is a semi-auto shotgun and has a lot of particular features that set it apart from many other semi-autos. First and foremost, the Benelli Super-90 comes in numerous different models. Each … Read more »

H&K P2000SK Review

Take a look at the HK P2000SK

hk-p2000-sk-review - gun review-Aegis Academy If you’re looking for a reliable sub compact gun, the HK P2000 SK is worth considering. My first experience with H&K was in the late 90s, when I tested the USP model. I remember it being reliable, heavy, and built to last. Many of the same features of that system are present in the HK P2000 SK.

Foremost the HK P2000 SK is a sub compact, so the grip is small for most hand sizes. The magazine makes up part of the grip when inserted, and even so is small for my size 8 glove hands. It is workable for most hand sizes I have seen, as several of our clients have used the gun. It is a double-stacked magazine, and holds 10 rounds in the California legal versions. The diameter of the grip will fit larger hands a bit better, but the … Read more »