Social Media and the Attack Cycle

Cyber stalking is a collection of information you released…

FB PredatorEvery attacker adheres to a process of finding, choosing, stalking, closing, and ultimately attacking their victims. An attacker has to get each phase of that attack cycle correct in order to be effective, but  a potential victim only has to break the cycle at any single point in the chain to thwart the attack. The more information a potential attacker has, the easier it becomes to create a situation where they have an overwhelming advantage. Today, we are discussing how much of an advantage social media can provide a potential attacker if you are not careful.

When professionals plan attacks, predicting when a target will be somewhere is the lynchpin—and criminals are no different! Geotagging is a process by which location data (EXIF data) are embedded in a photograph. These data typically show exactly when and where a photo was taken. … Read more »


Ca Gun ControlI’m sure there are many who believe it is  an almost insurmountable challenge to travel to California with your firearms, but many of our clients manage to successfully transport their guns to and from our courses each week! In spite of Sacramento’s best efforts, you can legally bring your guns into and transport them around the state. Its actually not even that complicated – so here are some guidelines to make it easy!

For handguns:

1. You must be 18 years and not prohibited from possessing a firearm (Meaning not a criminal, not mentally incapacitated, and not subject to a restraining order, or involved in a domestic dispute).
2. The gun must be unloaded and locked in a container – not the glove box or center console. The trunk of your car is considered a container provided it is not readily accessible from the passenger compartment. For example, a sedan … Read more »

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Knowing what you can do is more then half the battle…

Failing-to-planThe belief that owning a gun makes you safe is as absurd as believing that purchasing a scalpel makes you a surgeon. In both cases, the blind act of owning these items alone without proper training, mindset, and planning for the item’s use actually makes you less safe.

So why would a large segment of the population fall prey to this belief? It could be images portrayed in the movies and on TV where even a novice shooter can run, jump, and flip while effectively putting rounds on target. It could be the hyper-enticing photos and images in popular gun magazines. Or, it could be well intended, but erroneous, advice passed from untrained friends, family, or gun-store sales clerks. These are first among many reasons that Aegis Academy emphasizes training and mindset (planning) over weapon selection as the most … Read more »

We Can’t Wish Away Violence

We live in the society we have, not the society we imagine…

Robyn BarbaryBeing a good role model means teaching people how to live in the world as it exists – not as we wish or hope it could be.

An article by Robyn Barberry in response to the Maryland school shooting last month sparked today’s post.  She seems to be a reasonable person who wants to do the right thing, but the concept of preparing herself to do it is just out side of her grasp – which I think is the case with many Americans today.

“Above all, we want to be prepared for events like this.  But, how could Perry Hall’s teachers, students, and parents anticipate a shooting halfway through the first day of school?  How can you look for warning signs on the day you’re just learning each other’s names?”

You can find the entire post on … Read more »