Did America Torture Prisioners – Part Two

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques – How they were developed and why…

Kubark Manual - aegis academy - torture - enhanced interrogation

When we look at how these enhanced techniques were developed, it provides some insight into why and how detainees were ultimately handled. The programmatic approach and the specific techniques were devised by two psychologists who worked at the USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) School. They were not trained as interrogators and had no experience conducting interrogations before being hired to develop the interrogation program. They were, however, experts in interrogation resistance techniques, had extensive expertise in psychology and human manipulation and were very familiar with the programmatic approach to interrogation. To indicate they were not subject matter experts would be a falsehood. We’ll start with a brief review of the relevant background on where and when the techniques came from.

SERE school was established after the Korean War to train service members to avoid capture, and resist (but … Read more »

Did America Torture Prisoners?

What does the report say about American Values..

Aegis Academy Torture - CIA - Interrogation reportI was having dinner with a friend the other night and his response to the media coverage of the report was disgust. He stated “it was the first time in my life that I am ashamed to be an American“. My suspicion is that people simply do not think through the impact of what they are saying when they make a blanket statement like that. I can understand the concern, disgust, and anger over the actions described in the report. I can understand being ashamed of fact that these events occurred. These actions may not be in line with what we as a society value, but America has much to be proud of. I am not ashamed to be associated with our Nation in the least. Having read the report in its entirety has not changed that one bit. It is … Read more »

Everytown for Gun Safety

The Impact of Social Media on Social Change

Everytown for Gun Safety - Aegis AcademyEverytown for Gun Safety hired Jeremy Heimans’ company Purpose to promote its cause of restricting Americans Second Amendment rights via local legislation. The message they push is reducing gun violence. Mr. Heimans is a social media expert, and a liberal activist. He opposes war, guns, anything remotely anti-gay and actively supports the LGBT rights movements and the delivery of aid to Syrian fighters on both sides of the conflict. Jeremy’s company is doing a very effective job leveraging social media to create awareness, but I am not sure he has cracked the code on converting that to social change, yet.

I was watching him speak about “New Power” vs. what he calls “Old Power” which he presented publicly at a TED talk in Berlin last month. You can watch the presentation below. The concept of social movements has been studied in depth … Read more »

On Voting, Mid-Term Elections, and You

elections, aegis academy, howard hall, firearms instructor, firearms training, voting, mid-term electionsOn Voting, Mid-Term Elections and You.

While Aegis Academy’s curriculum and training are primarily focused on personal security, edged weapons, self-defense and firearms, our overall goal is to create safer communities by educating and informing individual citizens to become actively involved and make a difference.  On Tuesday the 4th of November, every citizen will be afforded a unique opportunity to become actively involved, impact their community and shape the future for themselves and their families.  Unfortunately, a remarkably low number will exercise this foundational American right and basic civic responsibility.  From 1948 to 2012, the number of eligible voters who participated in Presidential elections averages 58.9% while participation in mid-term elections averages 42.62%.  In this article, I will highlight aspects of this civic responsibility and provide arguments in favor of voting in the upcoming election… regardless of whom you support.


So, why is voter turnout so low?

Many in-depth … Read more »

Obama’s ISIS Strategy

Obama ISIS Strategy - Aegis Academy


Barak Obama laid out his strategy for dealing with ISIS on Wednesday, and it was a massive improvement from the “ignore it and hope it goes away” strategy we have been using. “Don’t do Stupid Stuff” is not a strategy. What he made was the clearest statement on foreign policy we have heard from this administration to date. He appeared confident and energetic and for the first time I can remember, did not blame the past administration for the problem. Most importantly it was not about what he and America would NOT do. What he said that struck me as accurate is that “ISIS is unacceptable to America and the rest of the world.”

He said that America would lead a coalition to destroy ISIS. He threw in a fair amount of Syrian, Iraqi and Muslim support rhetoric to appear that a coalition of Muslim states was being established. … Read more »