DOS vs. ISIS – The war of Ideas

The U.S. Department of State vs. ISIS – The war of Ideas

ISIS recrutiting - Aegis Academy - Think again turn awayWhile I was still on active duty, I witnessed some of the severely incompetent planning, policies and execution by the Department of State (DOS). De-Baathification, disbanding the Iraqi Army, rebuilding Fallujah and the use of contractor vice uniformed military details for standard security operations are but the tip of the iceberg. Their inability to adapt over the course of a decade at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their arrogant adherence to bad policy was, and continues to be staggering. Their latest foray into anti-ISIS propaganda was a video titled, Welcome to Islamic State Land. Like much of the entire Think Again, Turn Away program, it waivered between sarcasm, attempts at humor and grisly depictions of inhumane activity. It is indicative of the colossal gap between how the DOS views ISIS and what … Read more »

Racism in Ferguson, Mo and America

Michael Brown-Ferguson Mo-Racism-Aegis Academy  We have two pretty different versions of the events that played out on the day Micheal Brown was killed. One is a college student trying to surrender, and the other is a 6’4” 300 pound black male pummeling a white cop and trying to take his gun. I have no idea which version of these events is true. What I do know is that neither of the two presented scenario’s involve racism, unless of course you are a racist.

CNN’s L.Z. Ganderson, couldn’t wait 24 hours to throw down the race card in his article titled “How many unarmed people have to die?” Marc Lamont Hill is another racist so blinded by the color of his skin, that he is actually criticizing the president for avoiding calling this a race issue until the investigation is complete in his article titled “Obama, Cant you see black anger in Ferguson?”. … Read more »

Gun Control Advocacy – Toxic in 2014?

Gun Control Debate - Aegis Academy - Gun Free Zones  With the re-election of Sherriff David Clarke, we can see the beginning of public backlash against the push for senseless anti-gun laws. Gun Control Advocacy has been toxic in a number of races, and most recently we can see it playing out the Colorado Governors race. Incumbent Democrat John Hickenloper is virtually tied with newcomer Republican Bob Beauprez. This doesn’t happen in Colorado where incumbents tend to retire from the office rather then be voted out and democrats traditionally hold the governor’s office considerably more then republicans. The number one issue that swing voters cited in a recent poll – Passage of Colorado’s gun restrictions.

In fact, reaction to the gun control advocacy of two Colorado state senators (John Morse and Angela Giron) resulted in their recall and both were cast out. Here was Bloomberg’s response just last month to a question about the recall:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg Visits A School With David Cameron“The NRA went Read more »

Domestic Violence and Guns

Everytowns’ latest work of fiction…

Aegis Academy Domestic Violence and Guns  Everytown for Gun Safety wants to ensure images of women defending themselves like the one above are a thing of the past. In his latest attempt to drum up support for his largely rejected theories about community safety, Micheal Bloomberg has started Everytown for Gun Safety. Domestic Violence and guns is the latest rallying cry. Similar to his other anti-gun organizations; Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Moms Demand Action, the Bloomberg funded Everytown for Gun Safety is kicking things off with the fabrication of statistics in an attempt to perpetuate the emotional appeal that guns are bad. This time they have enlisted the help of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who co-authored an article published by CNN titled Guns Killing Women : Time for Congress to Act.

Congresswoman Gifford, regardless of what you think of her politics, … Read more »

California Gun Legislation 2014

California Gun Legislation 2014

California Gun Legislation As we approach the end of the session, some will be scrapped, but a few of these will make it to vote and will probably pass. You can influence those decisions by engaging with your legislators. Here is what you need to know at a minimum, but as always, don’t just take my word for it, the links to the text are included in the title.

Feel free to post any ideas, concerns about individual bills and thoughts others can use when writing their legislators. Remember, when writing politicians, use plain, simple English written at an 8th grade level. Remove the emotion and keep it very short or you will lose their attention. Five hundred one paragraph emails are far more powerful than 50 long winded diatribes that no one will read!

AB 48, Nancy Skinner, D – Firearms: ammunition: sales

This bill proposes that … Read more »