The Impact of Concealed Weapons on Crime


Levi RandolphThe impact of concealed weapons on crime is a largely ignored element of the gun control debate. In More Guns, Less Crime, John Lott laid out the statistical effect of restrictive vs. non-restrictive concealed weapons carry policies on crime. Specifically he focused on violent crime. Despite numerous attempts to discredit it, not one study has found a statistically significant different result. That result is in non-restrictive cities, counties and states we see about a 4% reduction in the rate of violent crime.

The Pro-Gun Control Lobby has put a number of arguments forward in search of data to subvert the findings of the study. They were unable to find any statistical problems with study that would have resulted in a different outcome. Since the original release, John Lott has reworked his data multiple times, and more pointedly any time that a valid critique of statistical methods was presented over … Read more »

Social Media and the Firearms Training Industry

What to do with Social Media in the Industry?

social-mediaMany in the personal security and firearms training industry are still living in the cave where social media is known to be responsible for the downfall of society. The question for many in the industry who are learning to walk upright is how can we leverage social media? For the record, I am still learning, but these are my observations over the past three years or so of trying to pick up my knuckles and embrace the future. I did not have a personal Facebook account when we opened Aegis Academy to the public. I did not have a LinkedIn account. I didn’t know how to use instant messenger, or have any idea why anyone would send a 140 character tweet into cyber space on what they happened to be thinking of at the moment and even less of a clue … Read more »

California Assembly Bill 1014

california assembly bill 1014, aegis academy, patrick henry, firearms instructor, firearms trainingNothing to get in a tizzy about – Yet…

While the wasteful allocation of $24 million to seize the private property of gun owners is a sad indication of lack of respect for the rights of private citizens, the 4th and 5th amendment challenges to California Assembly Bill 1014 are just in the beginning stages. The cost of litigation and damages will likely make the $24 million pale in comparison. Based on the initial reports, the lack of a warrant in the attempted seizure is also causing significant problems. Rather than letting that make them stop and think, the usual suspects are trying to create a new law.

Nancy Skinner and Das Williams are at it again with their most recent attempt at gun control. As usual, these bills are thrown into the hopper and signed off based on an emotional knee jerk attempt to “do something” rather … Read more »

Common Sense Gun Control

Its really not that hard if you look at the facts!

Microsoft Word - We are the new lepers 03.docxAs we look back at the locations mass murderers, or would be mass murderers, choose to attack, the number of times a “gun free zone” is chosen over an alternative location is staggering. This should not be a surprise to anyone with a basic understanding of human behavior. Do mass murders consciously choose to attack unarmed citizens? Of course they do! Why would anyone with any common sense and even a basic grasp of risk choose to attack armed citizens if they had an unarmed group that could meet their goals?

We like to write off mass murders as insane. Most likely they are, but that does not mean they are incapable of calculation and lack common sense. When we look at serial killers, we expect detailed and extensive planning to avoid detection, which is unfortunately … Read more »

Nullification of Federal Gun Laws

Nullification of Federal Gun LawsGun Legislation, Gun Control, Federal gun laws, nullification of federal gun laws, aegis academy, patrick henry

Many states have passed laws that are not in line with the laws passed by Congress. Some have gone so far as to pass laws that are in direct contravention to federal laws such as Washington and Colorado by legalizing marijuana. Many others like Idaho, Georgia and Arizona have passed or are passing laws that attempt nullification of federal gun laws in their territories. While Jefferson and Madison both repeated stated that nullification was a state right, it has never been tested at the federal courts.

States were empowered in the Constitution, and our founding fathers wanted state governments, not the federal government to be the centers of power in this country. That said, they felt strongly enough about a few things to codify them across the country for all citizens and we call that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. One key part … Read more »