Gun Confiscation in Connecticut?

Firearms Training, Gun Polictics, gun confiscation, Patrick Henry, Aegis AcademyConnecticut Governor Daniel Malloy signed SB 1160 into law in Connecticut, which required all AR-15 weapons to be registered with the state. The law became effective January 1, 2014, and was in large part ignored by the citizenry. The law was immediately appealed and upheld by a federal appeals court, which provided the precise language that will cause it to be overturned. “Although it creates a substantial burden on the second amendment…” and then references public safety. The 1994 “Assault Weapon” ban was not renewed because in ten years, there was zero discernible impact on public safety. The unfortunate result of this is you now have 300,000 new felons in Connecticut. Law Enforcement Officers are now being forced to make a decision to participate in gun confiscation should the order be given.

After the appeal at the federal level, the state sent out a letter to anyone who attempted to … Read more »

Smart Gun Technology

Smart Guns and what the future holds….

Aegis Academy, Smart gun Technology, Pistol Training As technology continues to advance, we have seen it impact the shooting community. From better quality optics, to improved material solutions and better manufacturing processes, guns have become more accurate, more reliable and generally cheaper than they were even ten years ago. If you take a look at the Tracking Point riflescope, you will see accuracy rates that are simply impossible to achieve with out using the technology – if you can afford one… Every one is talking about the advent of Smart or owner authorized guns. The question is what can a personalized gun or smart gun technology do for us?

There are number of projects under development to achieve the goal or making a reliable owner authorized gun. This is not the first time we have pursued this. The simplest design was a key lock, which was developed for some rifles … Read more »

Peruta Vs. The County of San Diego – Concealed Carry Permits in California?

Aegis Academy, Concealed Carry Permit, Peruta Vs. San Diego, 9th, Pat Henry, Firearms Instructor, Aegis AcademyIn 2009, several Plaintiffs sued the county of San Diego claiming that requiring a concealed carry permit holder be “of good moral character” and “provide sufficient cause” was an infringement of their second amendment rights. The general term for these types of restrictions is more easily understood using the common terms for them. Most states abide by a “shall issue” policy, which means anyone who meets the requirements (approved training program, no criminal record, etc…) will be issued a concealed carry permit if they apply.

States like California, New York, and a few others have adopted what is called a “may issue” policy. A “may issue” policy delegates the authority to issue a concealed carry permit to the authority of the local Sheriff. In San Diego County, this has resulted in a very low issue rate. Since, the determining factors to consider are delegated to the judgment of the local … Read more »

Micro Stamping and the Future of Guns in California

Solving a problem that doesn’t exist…

Microstamping - Aegis Academy - Gun Laws  I’ve received a number of questions, comments and some general paranoia over micro stamping and the planned withdraw of Smith and Wesson and Ruger from the California handgun market.

In 2007, California passed a law requiring all handguns sold in the state to adopt micro stamping technology. It is set to go into effect in May 2014. The intent of the law is similar to a number of laws on the books in California. It is designed to discourage manufacturers from shipping guns to California by enacting costly barriers to entry. While this seems like a potentially effective means of attacking the so called “problem,” similar laws have had the opposite impact on the volume of firearms sold in the state. What these types of laws have done is reduce the choices available to law abiding citizens, but increased total sales of guns.

Lets … Read more »

Gun Permits in Illinois

How many more?

concealed-carry - Aegis Academy - Gun permits - CCWIllinois is expected to issue 400,000 permits by the end of the year! That’s an estimated 1,000 people a day in Illinois starting the process of executing their personal right and responsibility to be able to defend themselves. In fact, the applicants are back logging the state system, but the state seems to think it can keep up. Its the local departments that are claiming to be overwhelmed. Additionally, the link included in this article seems to indicate, they are not going to extend the dead line for local law enforcement to comment. Permits in Illinois. That is the right answer.

The fundamental responsibility of law enforcement is to enforce the laws. What is concerning to me is the number of local law enforcement officials who have recently taken stands which are directly contrary to established laws. It is somewhat incomprehensible. Most, if not all, get the … Read more »