Understanding Islamic Terrorism – Religion or Culture?

Does Religion or Culture Drive Islamic Terrorism?

Abu Bakr Al BaghdadiIn the last article, Understanding Islamic Terrorism, we looked at how the Whabbists have been able to export extremism throughout the Sunni Muslim world. The reality is that Saudi funding alone did not put Islamic Terrorism at the top of the global terrorist heap. There were several underlying cultural-shortfalls that have made the extremist message appealing to the subset of Muslims whom support theses causes. On the positive side, the general support for violence and the use of extreme tactics by global Muslims is finally starting to decline.

If we look to the Pew report published in 2013, we see the attitudes Muslims expressed towards extremism as favorable and growing as we discussed just last year in Is ISIS the Future of Islam?. The key indicators available only two years ago were that nearly 50% of Muslims espoused some level of … Read more »

Understanding Islamic Terrorism

Quran - Understanding Islamic Extremism - Aegis AcademyFirst and foremost, Islam does not corner the market on the use of violence to obtain their political goals. In this day and age Islam is, however, affiliated with over 60% of the world wide terrorist attacks, according to the United States National Counter Terrorism Center. What I continually find astonishing is the number of public commentators who understand absolutely nothing about Islam, except that it tends to be associated with publicized acts of terror. The sheer volume of misinformation is staggering. More importantly, that same ignorance is ultimately dangerous to our ability to understand and appropriately respond to the very real threat posed by Islamic Extremism. In this series we’ll take a look at some key events that have lead Islam and the rest of the world to this point, starting in part one with a simple overview of the key differences between the various sect’s of Islam.

In … Read more »

ISIS – Can They Target American Military Personnel on U. S. Soil ?

ISIS recently issued a global ‘order’ to target American military members, publishing a list of 100 names along with a variety of personal details. Undoubtedly by now, the U.S. Defense Department has provided security assistance for those named in the publication as well as issuing a list of instructions to all military families to effectively keep private and personal information off of social media.

news-report-Aegis-AcademyThis is not the first time this has happened. The self-proclaimed Islamic State made this request about a year ago on Jihadi social media sites asking Muslims to attack military personnel, and determined that their families were acceptable targets as well. This attempt to extol U. S. muslims to do violence against military members and their families has resulted is ZERO attacks. I am not saying there is no risk, nor that all American military families should not start to be more careful with the amount … Read more »

Crime, Terrorism, and the Lone Wolf

Crime, Terrorism and the Lone Wolf

Alton nolan Mugshot

The media outlets seem to praising Canada for its immediate pronouncement that the recent acts of violence committed against two Canadian soldiers were terrorism. They are equally critical of America’s initial reluctance to do so in the cases of Alton Nolan and Zale Thompson. It brings up the question of what is the difference between crime and terrorism and where and if we should draw a line. For those who are fuming about the initial classification of Alton Nolan or Zale Thompson as a criminal act vice a terrorist act, you may want to consider the potential impacts of what you are asking for.

I heard one commentator on Fox explaining his logic for shipping them to Guantanamo under the auspices of the ongoing Global War on Terror. His recommendation is that we turn all terrorism-related activities over the military because law enforcement in … Read more »

Dabiq #4 – An ISIS recruiting tool

Dabiq # 4 – A look at the ISIS recruiting publication

Dabiq is a town in Syria near the border of Turkey with a number of Islamic cultural references. It was most likely chosen as the name of the ISIS recruiting publication due to the location being one of two places specifically identified in the Quran (Dabiq being the one under ISIS control at the moment) to watch for signs that judgement day was approaching. There are references to the arrival of “Romans”/Cursaders in Dabiq being one of the final indicatorsDabiq 4 - ISIS - Aegis Academy. The cover of issue 4, shown here, displays an ISIS flag being flown over the Vatican. The document is 53 pages long, and I will attempt to summarize the highlights and takeaways in considerably less than that.

First it is important to recognize that this is an ISIS recruiting tool aimed directly at Western English speaking Muslims. While … Read more »