ISIS Strategy Considerations

Is doing nothing an option?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend may provide for a convenient alliance by which we may achieve mutually beneficial objectives. That objective may be valuable enough for both sides to sacrifice some of their principles in the short term, and to assist each other in achieving some common goals. The problem is not in a temporary alliance, the problem in America’s Pollyanna view that the alliance will result in a change in the organization, entity or power structure with whom we choose to align.

ISIS Strategy - Doing nothing - aegis academyThe fact is that it most likely will not. The concept of training less extreme rebels to fight in the absence of American ground forces my look good on paper to some, but the reality is much less appealing. We are creating a short term alliance with a group of people who dislike ISIS slightly more than America at … Read more »

Obama’s ISIS Strategy

Obama ISIS Strategy - Aegis Academy


Barak Obama laid out his strategy for dealing with ISIS on Wednesday, and it was a massive improvement from the “ignore it and hope it goes away” strategy we have been using. “Don’t do Stupid Stuff” is not a strategy. What he made was the clearest statement on foreign policy we have heard from this administration to date. He appeared confident and energetic and for the first time I can remember, did not blame the past administration for the problem. Most importantly it was not about what he and America would NOT do. What he said that struck me as accurate is that “ISIS is unacceptable to America and the rest of the world.”

He said that America would lead a coalition to destroy ISIS. He threw in a fair amount of Syrian, Iraqi and Muslim support rhetoric to appear that a coalition of Muslim states was being established. … Read more »

DOS vs. ISIS – The war of Ideas

The U.S. Department of State vs. ISIS – The war of Ideas

ISIS recrutiting - Aegis Academy - Think again turn awayWhile I was still on active duty, I witnessed some of the severely incompetent planning, policies and execution by the Department of State (DOS). De-Baathification, disbanding the Iraqi Army, rebuilding Fallujah and the use of contractor vice uniformed military details for standard security operations are but the tip of the iceberg. Their inability to adapt over the course of a decade at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their arrogant adherence to bad policy was, and continues to be staggering. Their latest foray into anti-ISIS propaganda was a video titled, Welcome to Islamic State Land. Like much of the entire Think Again, Turn Away program, it waivered between sarcasm, attempts at humor and grisly depictions of inhumane activity. It is indicative of the colossal gap between how the DOS views ISIS and what … Read more »

The Beheading of Steven Sotloff

Another brutal but well scripted act of terror

As with the murder of James Foley, the video production is smartly produced, well scripted and designed and is intended to the tell Muslim world that the “Islamic State” is in control. If you have not read the analysis of the James Foley beheading, I would encourage you to do so first, as it was the precursor that set the stage for this second production. Once again, I do not recommend that you watch the video as you will merely witness the brutal murder of a helpless human being. There is, unfortunately, an underlying sophisticated message that is well communicated.

This video also starts out with a clip of President Obama responding to the James Foley beheading stating “America will continue to do what we must.” Not what we should, not what is right, not what he wants … Read more »

Is ISIS the future of Islam?

The fastest growing segment of the religion thinks so…

ISIS the future of islam - aegis academy Western leadership has denounced the beheading of James Foley, and both Obama and Blair have referred to ISIS as a “cancer”. Cancer is probably the most accurate analogy of what Islamic extremism really is to Islam as whole. The real question we need to ask is if we can treat it? In making that determination in a cancer patient, we would look at the location of the cancer, the growth rate and the degree of metastasis of the infection. For diseases, we would also like to know the vector (or mechanism by which it spreads). We have metrics to measure these all of these components of extremist Islam.

The National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) released an unclassified version of their 2011 Report on Terrorism, which shows that 56% of total attacks can be attributed to Sunni Islamists. They are also … Read more »