The James Foley Beheading

This was not a random act of violence 

James Foley - beheading - Islamic State - Aegis AcademyThe James Foley beheading is ultimately a horrific scene, but in creating it, ISIS has made some significant and intelligent creative choices that are unique, and provide substantial insight into the enemy we face. The video starts with Barack Obama coldly laying out his justification for attacking ISIS in what is unfortunately a dispassionate, disinterested and uninspiring tone. His disdain for intervention in the Middle East could not be more clear and he comes across as tired, worn out and reluctant. They cut to the overhead imagery of a bomb being dropped, presumably in Iraq. The title of the video is “A Message to America”. The video quality is clear, the sound is crisp, and the imagery appropriate to the message throughout. This introduction is mostly Obama (and the Arabic textual translation) and lasts about two minutes.

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