Barrel Twist and Bullet Weight

Barrel TwistRight now, there is no shortage of information, both good and bad, on the Internet, at the gun shops, and on the ranges regarding the ‘Best’ bullets to use with your AR-15 carbine. Due to nationwide shortages from the “panic,” you may be stuck with whatever is left over for the next few months. Regardless, here are few things to think about before you buy your next batch of ammunition.

Almost all bullet manufacturers have a very “high end” bullet that will cost you a fortune. However, depending on your barrel’s ‘Twist rate’ (number of turns the bullet makes over a given length), that high end bullet may not give you the performance you thought you were paying for. 
 There are many factors to consider when choosing which ammunition to fire through your rifle.   Each rifle has a fixed barrel length and “twist rate” measuring how many times the projectile … Read more »



Aegis Academy Gloves and Guns Tips, Winter Shooting

Winter is coming, and if you can’t get at your personal defense tools, you might as well not have them!

Accessing a firearm, a knife or even your wallet is impacted by your choice of winter clothing.  If you haven’t planned or practiced accessing these items, you probably won’t get to what you need – when you need it most.  In addition to layers of clothing, gloves are also a common winter addition that can make your chosen defensive tool nothing more then a pocket weight!

Spend a few minutes figuring out what you can and can’t do with them on. There is no secret training technique here, it just takes 5 minutes – put your gear on and see what happens! Take a few minutes to get comfortable with your winter clothing and your equipment to add those precious few seconds that may give you the edge when … Read more »

Magazine Maintenance Matters as Much as the Gun!


Magazine Maintenance, gun training, pistol classes Properly maintained magazines will last a lifetime;  however, neglect and a lack of cleaning will lead to malfunctions that unnecessarily render the firearm useless at a potentially critical moment. On most outdoor ranges your magazines get dropped in the dirt and gravel every time you perform an emergency reload (and you should be letting them fall to the ground – retention is good habit, but not at slide-lock). Few people ever take the time to really inspect and clean the source of the ammunition you are shooting. Dirty or bad magazines are the leading cause of malfunctions on AR platform weapons, and certainly high on the list with pistols. Wiping down the outside of the magazines before they go back in their range bag is a  good place to start, but the working parts are on the inside!

After you clean your weapon and perform a function check, take … Read more »