Religion, Racism and Cultural Diversity


When we look at history, it is typically the strongest of opinions that drive conflict, violence and social unrest. Strong opinions and people committed to their ideas, many of which were uniformly unpopular, are also the cause of our most significant advances. The impact of religion has had a mixed impact on society as a whole, at time beneficial, and at times violent. Racism falls in the same boat. Despite the popular notion that “multiculturalism” is good for society, has some limitations that we need to consider.


The concept that multiculturalism is good for society stems from scientific studies on genetics and the long-term survival of species. In general, non-specialized species tend to survive longer than highly specialized ones as they are most able to adapt to change. The more genetic diversity in an ecosystem, the better prepared it is for unforeseen shocks to the system. Further, it is … Read more »

Paris Attacks – This is Quite Different…

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks that have killed 129 people. This is the first successful large-scale attack ISIS has been able to coordinate in the Western world. There is a large difference between encouraging disenfranchised youth to act out against the society they live in, and planning and executing a group of attacks like this. It represents a significant extension of the group’s proven capabilities as was predicted in the article on ISIS we released in August, which was the third in a series called Understanding Islamic Extremism.
As a review, the announcement of the death of Mullah Omar reset a significant portion of the loyalty chain that was keeping Al-Qaeda relevant in the global Jihadi movement. Zawahiri is nearly universally disliked while ISIS has been steadily rising in popularity. The death of Mullah Omar effectively put every AQ cell or operative in a position to … Read more »

Is the World Getting More Dangerous?

The Risk of Declining American Exceptionalism

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In the past two decades, we have seen Islamists successfully destabilize Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and much of Africa, as well as seen them making significant gains in support globally. We need only look to ISIS and Hamas to see the impact of Islamist control of failed states. Additionally, we are starting to see the impact of mass immigration into Europe, the most visible example of which is the public support for the acceptance of Sharia Law in some previously exclusively western nations. The reality is that the expansion of Islamist principles places additional risks on Americans (and westerners in general) when travelling abroad.

Terrorism is not the only travel safety and security risk that has become more heightened in recent years. The problem in Crimea and the Ukraine was not an Islamist originated problem, but the result of a weak and grossly ineffective foreign … Read more »