The New Reality…


I was at an Infragard sponsored terrorism symposium this week I heard three well respected panelists, all professional security practitioners, use the term “the new reality” several times over the course of the hour. Much of what they had to say was insightful, intelligent and well thought out, but the concept that our future is a series of ever increasing high active-shooter-incidentsprofile attacks and expanding incidents of workplace violence is not necessarily the case. While we have reaped the security benefit of debt-fueled spending, favorable demographic shifts and excessive incarceration, those means of security are no longer feasible mechanisms of reducing violence in our society. We need to adjust to that new reality.

“The new reality”, as used by the panel and generally by security professionals at large is frequently referencing what is different about the enemies, criminals, or terrorists we face. Most security professionals are trained to analyze … Read more »