Responding to Mass Violence in Our Community




“Men do not rise to the level of their expectation, but default to their level of training.”


~ Archilochos


Gun sales and the demand for personal security training typically increase in the aftermath of a high-profile event like terrorist attacks, mass shootings, or a particularly gruesome homicide. We can expect this week’s latest episode in Orlando to provoke the same. That is quite likely a very normal characteristic of the human condition; that we perceive what is current or popular as more pressing or threatening than those events with less notoriety. Sadly, these waves of popularity do very little to increase the safety and security of our society. Much like fitness, health or being good at your job, protective and defensive skills require commitment, consistency and a solid progression.

When it comes to security, the culture of our society has changed significantly. Historically, our approach to controlling … Read more »

Violence in America

Violent Crime - Aegis Academy - Violence in AmericaScholars, pundits, and activists have been more and more frequently mentioning the decreasing homicide rate in our society while the media paints a very different picture. We are at the low point of a near twenty-year decline in violent crime in America. Despite this quantifiable decrease, American perception stubbornly holds on to the idea that America has become a more violent and dangerous place. While in some major cities we can see evidence that trend is potentially reversing, the bottom line is America in much safer then it was twenty years ago.
Much of that perception is based on the frequency of reporting of violent crime by our media. The statistics are well documented and present a grossly inflated view of crime as a percentage of other events. As we look at media over time, we can see a steadily increasing diet of violence, crime and social unrest fed to … Read more »

Terrorism, Racism, Violent Young Men and Guns in Charleston, S.C.

Terrorism, Racism, Violent Young Men and Guns in Charleston, S.C.

In Charleston, South Carolina, nine black people were murdered in a racially motivated attack by a young, white male. This has resulted in three general responses from the pundits in the media: Some are clamoring to call it an act of terrorism instead of a “hate” crime and claiming racism; Some are blaming society for raising a generation of violent young males; As expected, some are blaming the gun. Lets take a look at the reality of each of these lines of thought.

Racism is driving Violence…

Cries of racism or terrorism or epidemics make headlines, and ignite a media firestorm which sells advertisements and makes money for the networks. It also blinds us to the realities of the problem. Here are what the facts tell us about race and violence in America:

According to the CDC the rate of … Read more »

Violence: Riots, Crime, and Police

Violence: Riots, Crime, and Police

Cases of potential use of force issues with police are being reported extensively at the moment. Most recently the riots in Baltimore have been the source of media focus. Blatimore riots - Aegis Academy - Racism

The six officers involved in arresting Freddie Gray have been arrested and charged with crimes ranging from misconduct to murder.

As we continue to manufacture a case of racism in the death of every black male to hit the news, we propagate the myth that black lives don’t matter to a younger generation, we provide them with excuses for failure, a scapegoat for their frustration, and perpetuate a cycle of long term dependence. Further, we reinforce a manufactured mistrust of the government. The incarceration rate of black men in America is astonishingly high, but blaming racism takes the personal accountability out of the equation.

A young black man has no ability to control whether or not … Read more »

The Beheading of Colleen Hufford

Workplace Violence or Terrorism?

Jah'Keem Yisrael - Aegis Academy - Alton Alexamder NolanAlton Nolen is the man accused of beheading 54-year-old Colleen Hufford at Vaughn Foods. By accused we mean shot by the CEO (who is also a reserve Oklahoma County Deputy) as he was in the process of stabbing a second victim. He had recently been fired from a separate Vaughn foods store in the local area. The initial classification of the crime is as a workplace violence incident, which certainly this was a violent act committed in a  workplace. The question American society is debating is was it terrorism? The local police have requested the assistance of the FBI due his relatively recent conversion to Islam, but officially we have yet to call this a terrorist act.

Alton Nolan is exactly the type of person ISIS and Muslim terrorist recruiting efforts are focused on. He is grossly uneducated. This lack of education makes him incapable of … Read more »