What Makes John Meis a Hero?

What John Meis did is extraordinary…

John MeisJohn Meis is a prime example of the solution to Elliot Rodger. When Aaron Ybarra started shooting people at Seattle Pacific University like everyone else in the area, John was admittedly shocked. The difference between John and the others around him was John was able to assess his options and use the resources at his disposal to end the problem. The question is what makes John Meis different from the rest of the people in the area that day?

When we look at John Meis during his interviews, he is quiet, almost shy, humble and certainly not a physically imposing figure. His statements indicate he is a man of faith, and in reading his statements; he is clearly an intelligent and thoughtful human being. He worked part time as a student-building monitor or student security monitor while he attends college as an engineering student, … Read more »

The Solution to Elliot Rodger

He stopped when confronted with force…

Elliot RodgerWhat played out on Friday night in Santa Barbara was a deranged 22 year old carried out his plans for mass murder. He legally purchased three pistols and used one or more of them to kill three apparently randomly selected people and wound thirteen others. Prior to that, he also used a legally purchased knife to kill his three roommates. What ultimately stopped him was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

As the national spotlight swings back to mass murder, we will bring up guns, drugs, psychosis, background checks, social engagement and the usual fare. We can look at each of these in detail and come up with some options that may in some ways improve our ability to prevent or mitigate (reduce) the effectiveness of a potential attack.  Typically preventative measures catch most of the national spotlight in phrases like “Never Again”, … Read more »