Stopping Mass Murder

This course is designed to prepare a citizen who is in lawful possession of a concealed or open carry firearm to maximize their personal safety while effectively terminating the threat posed by an active shooter or other armed assailant. In this two day course, we will address the range of potential courses of action and provide you with an effective means of evaluating risk under stress and selecting the best available options. When you complete the course, you wil have confidence in your ability safely and effectively protect what you hold dear under extreme circumstances.


  • Common Traits of Mass Murderers
  • Psychology of Violence
  • Decision Making in Crisis
  • tactical Analysis of Mass Shootings
  • Attacker Profiling
  • First Responder Protocols
  • Medical Considerations
  • Scenario Based Live Fire Practical Application


Open Registration: $475.00 at Pala (Registration costs vary by location.

Pre-requisite: Any valid state concealed carry permit

Lecture & Response Practical Application: (12 Hours)

Live Fire Practical Application: (4 Hours)

Instructor Biography

Monte Gould is an honorably retired California state peace officer with 27 ½ years of service. He is certified under the “Department of Homeland security” as an “Active Shooter Response Instructor”. He served within the state of California “Emergency Operations Unit” collaterally assigned to the state capital. He honorably retired from the state of California as an SWAT Assault Team leader & SWAT Master instructor. He additionally served over 20 years in the US military, within the US Special Operations community. He has studied and worked in the state of Israel, Guatemala, and Columbia, El Salvador and extensively throughout the European Union as a weapons and tactics instructor and is the founder of the International Mobile Training Team.

testimonial author
Monte Gould
As a first responder, I appreciate the efforts of every private citizen who takes responsibility for their safety and security. That said, if they just understood some key elements of what first responders need to do, they would make our jobs easier and keep them selves a whole lot safer...


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