About Aegis Academy


Aegis Academy was founded on the principle that capable, confident and engaged citizens are the key element of safety and security in our society. Around the world, law enforcement and security in general are focused on providing more efficient and effective response solutions to the violence, terrorism and criminal acts we face. We focus on Prediction, Prevention and Response, in that order. At Aegis Academy we make world-class mentors and professional programs available to every responsible citizen.

What We Do

We Empower People – A capable, confident, engaged community, empowered with an understating of the natural progression of criminal acts are the best solutions to the security challenges we face.

We Create Resilience – Catastrophe is often averted by the decisions made by isolated individuals in challenging or extreme environments. Education, experience, and confidence determine how effective those decisions are. We provide that learning environment.

We Build Safer Communities – Every organization and person we touch is less dependent on dedicated security services, better able to recognize and avoid violence, and better prepared to react effectively. Capable, confident, prepared individuals are the key components of community safety.

Community safety is the product of the collective ability of every member of our society to predict, prevent and respond appropriately to the security challenges we face.
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Patrick Henry