Executive Development Sessions provide insights into a wide variety of executive functions and can be scheduled as break-out sessions while the majority of your team is attending the primary components of your event. The seminars range from developing inspirational strategies to get your team on board to introducing simple processes that can save time and money in the short term. Executives have a wealth of experience and we probably aren’t going to teach you anything about your business – but we will give you some ideas on how to communicate your vision, goals, and objectives more clearly and efficiently!

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Patrick Henry
As much as I would like to believe differently, the Culture at Aegis Academy is not what I as the CEO or President say it is. Culture is what members of the organization collectively do with the vision that attracted them here in the first place. As individuals and teams take an active role in their own safety and security in your organization, a culture of security emerges. When that happens, you and your staff are some of the least attractive targets to criminals and predators on the face of the earth!

As threats shift and the media hypes one risk over the other, organizations tend to invest in the latest and greatest product or idea that mitigates the risk of day. Ultimately, the principles of security do not shift with the tides, and the principles are consistent. Empowering your staff with sound security fundamentals is an investment in their future that transcends employment; it is an investment in their personal well being that they carry with them throughout their lives.


International Travel Security

Work Place Violence Avoidance

Medical Trauma Management


Corporate Espionage Aviodance

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