The term “duty of care” has become a buzzword in the industry defined by as many different interpretations as there are countries to which they are applied. Ultimately, the safety and security of travelers is determined by the decisions made by isolated individuals in sometimes challenging or extreme environments. We can help you, help them make better decisions that avoid the common mistakes travelers make and mitigate the risks that both the traveler and the organization choose to accept. Travel Security is not a policy letter, its something your travelers have to do!


  • Global Emerging Travel Threats
    • Case Study Review
  • Risk Analysis and Sources of Information
    • Decision Analysis Practical Application
  • Risk Mitigation Planning
    • Itinerary Construction Practical Application
  • Common Planning Pitfalls
  • Recognizing the Attack Cycle
  • Route Planning Practical Application
  • Protective Skills Practical Application:
    • Vehicle Inspections & Garages
    • Elevators & Stairways
    • Doors, Hallways & Exits
    • Restaurants & Bars
    • Hotels & Office Buildings
    • Recognizing Elicitation


  • Global Emerging Travel Threats
  • Risk Analysis and Sources of Information
  • Planning Risk Mitigation into Your Itinerary
  • Common Planning Pitfalls
  • Recognizing the Attack Cycle
  • Introduction to Route Planning
  • Practical Risk Mitigation Tips
  • Building Protective Habits of Action
  • Protective Strategy Overview


Organizational policies, programs, and decisions are only as good as the implementation of those ideas and principles. We are here to assist your security department with the development of a user friendly program. We create customized processes and procedures that translate to effective risk mitigation practices. Turn your travel policies and procedures into effective practical actions for your team members!

The Travel Security Programs at Aegis Academy can be customized to meet the requirements of your organization. While we have off the shelf educational programs that make up the 70% solution, we recognize that no one knows your organization better then you do. We know the industry, the players and how they work, and most importantly we know what works well. What we don’t know is what elements of those solutions fit with the needs of your organization – yet! We can help you develop simple, effective and easy to manage travel programs and policies that alleviate the uncertainty in crisis response situations while minimizing the chances you’ll need to use those services. All of our programs are focused on the goal of protecting people first, and second the organizations they work for. We look forward to putting our experience and expertise to work for you!

testimonial author
Patrick Henry
You can’t eliminate all of the bad decisions people are going make. When we look at the statistics, its typically not the unusually bad decisions that get them, it’s the bad decision that they have been making repeatedly that eventually catches up with them…


testimonial author
Karin Thompson
Sr. Travel Security Manager ViaSat
I have worked with Aegis Academy in many different capacities. I was so impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and organization that my company hired them as consultants on our corporate travel security program. Patrick Henry and Steve Tarani presented the Aegis corporate security program in many of our domestic locations which received great reviews!