Executive Development Sessions provide insights into a wide variety of executive functions and can be scheduled as break-out sessions while the majority of your team is attending the primary components of your event. The seminars range from developing inspirational strategies to get your team on board to introducing simple processes that can save time and money in the short term. Executives have a wealth of experience and we probably aren’t going to teach you anything about your business – but we will give you some ideas on how to communicate your vision, goals, and objectives more clearly and efficiently!

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Patrick Henry
Ultimately executives get paid to make the right decisions in time for those decisions to be relevant. We used to call that leadership by walking around. What it really translates to is if I have a pretty good idea of who knows and does what in my organization, I know who to talk to when I need quality information to make a decision. The alternative is I assume I can amass more information and process it faster than everyone who works for me combined… I’ve never been that good – so I’m not really sure why any of you are listening to me!


Leading Through Crisis (1 Hour) – Mike Grice

Working with Creative Professionals (1 Hour) – Don Mira

Cohesive Team Building (1 Hour) – Patrick Henry

Prefense for Executives (1 Hour) – Steve Tarani

Decision Making for Leaders (1 Hour) – Mike Grice

Asking the Right Questions (1 Hour) – Patrick Henry

You won’t find a lot of philosophical concepts that don’t translate to actions. Executive Development seminars provide you with insights and skills you can start implementing the minute you walk out of the door!

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