Asking your team an irrelevant or unanswerable question makes it clear you don’t understand the problem you are facing. Worse, it puts your team in the unenviable position of spending time finding answers to questions that they probably know won’t help you or the organization move forward. Developing requirements that get you the information you need to make a sound decision is both an art and a science. The intelligence community has distilled this process into a simple, executable process that leads to quality information on which to base decisions. Differentiating between information that leads to a decision and all the other things you may want to know is critical to effective problem solving under stress. Learn the relevant elements of how to ask the right questions and save yourself and your team time and effort!


People want to understand what and why they are doing things and when leaders ask for things, people try to provide it. Tasking them with trivial or unimportant details is simply a waste of time. Seeking input is as much about the person you’re talking to as it is about the information you need. Gain insights in the process of structuring your line of questioning to help you make a better decisions while efficiently integrating your team into the decision making process!


  • Differentiate Between Questions and Questions that Lead to Decisions
  • Identify the Irrelevant Before you Start
  • Establishing a Framework that Keeps Conversations on Track
  • Targeting a Solution via a Process
  • Keeping People Engaged
  • The Illusion of Democracy
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The most valuable gift you can give someone is time. In the end, its arguably the most valuable resource on the planet because its not something we can buy back once we've used it...


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