High profile executives have a key differentiator in that they can and are targeted based on who they are as much as by what they do. This changes the dynamics or protection slightly and while it increases risk, it also provides opportunities to break the attack cycle. We know how violent actors identify and target individuals and in using that information, we can stop them from acting on us. Learn the tips employed by professionals developing high profile executive protection strategies and put them to work in your every day life!

Preventative Defense for Executives Includes

  • Attack Profile of Typical Attacks on Principles
  • Indicators of a Deliberate Attack
  • Risk Analysis and Avoidance
  • Threat Management and Protective Intelligence
  • Lowering your Threat Profile
  • Breaking the Attack Cycle

At the point you are responding to a threat that has manifested itself, you have missed 90% of the progression of an attack. Preventative Defense for executives will examine how key executives are targeted and what they have historically done well and where they having fallen short. Specifically, we’ll identify where they contributed to the attackers success and where their actions directly hampered attacker actions. Armed with an understanding of how violent criminals, terrorists and criminal organization select their victims can enable you to break the attack cycle before an attack occurs. Master a combination of proven professional risk reduction measures to minimize your threat profile and eliminate risk. These simple, easy to adopt principles and techniques will give you the 90% advantage in  any potentially violent encounter!

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Steve Tarani
Protective Programs
“When I was first training in protective operations for the intelligence community, our instructor told us “If you go to guns you fail”. It became very clear to at that moment – Amateurs respond, professionals prevent!


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