Vincent Hoover

Specialist Vincent Hoover, US Army
Silver Star awarded for actions during the Global War on Terror

Specialist Vincent Hoover, United States Army, was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action while serving with Company C, 1st Battalion, 22d Infantry Regiment, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM in Iraq in January 2009. While conducting a patrol in Baghdad, a grenade was thrown into Specialist Hoover’s vehicle. He immediately grabbed the explosive device and threw it outside while yelling to the driver to leave the vicinity. The grenade immediately exploded after being thrown out and the lives of all in the vehicle were saved. Specialist Hoover’s gallant actions and dedicated devotion to duty, without regard for his own life, were in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, the 2d Infantry Division, and the United States Army.… Read more »

Christopher B. Cordova

Captain Christopher B. Cordova, U.S. Army
Silver Star Awarded for actions during the Global War on Terror

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918 (amended by an act of July 25, 1963), takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to Captain (Army Medical Specialist Corps ) Christopher B. Cordova, United States Army, for gallantry in action against an armed enemy while serving with Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 3d Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, for displaying mental endurance and technical competence in treating and evacuating 16 U.S. and Afghan National Security Forces casualties and an additional 27 “walking wounded” during a violent engagement with enemy forces at Combat Outpost KEATING on 3 October 2009, in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan.NARRATIVE TO ACCOMPANY AWARD:At 0600 on 3 October 22009, Combat Outpost (COP) KEATING and Observation … Read more »

William E. Burch

Sergeant William E. Burch, USMC
Silver Star for Actions During Operation Enduring Freedom

The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to Sergeant William E. Burch, United States Marine Corps, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action against the enemy while serving as an Element Member, Marine Special Operations Company G, Special Operations Task Force 81, in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM on 6 April 2010. During a combat reconnaissance patrol, Sergeant Burch’s element came under heavy enemy contact from an insurgent-held compound. While attempting to assault the building, Sergeant Burch was wounded when an enemy rocket propelled grenade exploded within feet of him, lodging shrapnel into his left leg. After administering self aid, he continued to engage the enemy positions as well as direct Afghan National Army Commandos to sustain fire on the enemy positions. Sergeant Burch continued to clear compound with … Read more »

Elizabeth N. Jacobson

Airman 1C Elizabeth N. Jacobson, USAF
Bronze Star (Posthumously)For actions during the Global War on Terror

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Executive Order 11046, 24 August 1962, takes pride in presenting the Bronze Star Medal (Posthumously) to Airman First Class Elizabeth N. Jacobson, United States Air Force, for meritorious achievement as a Gun Truck Crew Served Weapons Operator for Convoy Operations, 586th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, 386th Expeditionary Mission Support Group, 386th Air Expeditionary Wing, United States Central Command Air Forces, while engaged in ground operations against an opposing armed force at Camp Bucca, Iraq on 28 September 2005. On that date while providing lead security on a convoy mission to Navistar on the border of Iraq and Kuwait, her vehicle was struck by an Improvised Explosive Device. Airman Jacobson gave her life in the defense of our nation and for the Freedom of Read more »

Keary Miller

Master Sgt. Keary Miller, U.S. Air Force
Silver Star awarded for actions during the Global War on Terror

On March 4, 2002, then-Tech. Sgt. Miller led a combat search and rescue team to find two service members who were trying to evade al-Qaida and Taliban forces near Marzak, Afghanistan.

Before the MH-47 Chinook special operations helicopter on which he was riding could land, the enemy unleashed rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire, causing the aircraft to crash land, according to Miller’s Air Force Cross citation.

Three of the team members died and five were critically injured in the crash. Miller trudged through deep snow and crossed open danger areas on the battlefield to aid the wounded troops.

He then removed M203 grenade launcher and 5.56 rounds from the deceased and moved through RPG, mortar and small-arms fire to distribute the ammunition to troops who needed it.

After another attack erupted, killing … Read more »