Executive Protection is a compromise between security principles and the requirements of the organizations people are leading. The reality of that compromise is the choice to accept risk. Minimizing the risk and mitigating the effects of potential threats while enabling you to accomplish your key functions is what an effective security detail should provide. We can assist your team with the range of functions required from defensive skills and trauma management training to interpersonal skills, advance work, driving and tactics. See the difference professional experience and training can make in your security!


  • Unarmed Defensive Skills
  • Edged Weapons Skills
  • Firearms Training
  • Advance Work
  • Detail Formation & Responsibilities
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Driver Training
  • Trauma Management
  • Shift Supervision & Scheduling

Executives generally require protection due to the requirements of the organizations they lead, and the opportunities those demands create for criminal, terrorists and non-state actors. Assessing and avoiding that risk always a superior alternative, but unfortunately, it is not always practical. Having a team with the ability to confidently react to changing conditions on the ground, with personal experience working with the team mates to make the best out of what will be challenging and uncertain environments is crucial to provide protection. Regardless of personal skills, teams don’t get there with out training. Understanding not just the roles and responsibilities of the rest of team is a good place to start, but understanding how each team member interprets and reacts to those responsibilities is where a security detail needs to be. Start the process of providing you protective teams and details with the skills and experience to be effective!

Steve Tarani
Protective Programs
It was eye opening for me to hear a guy who just spent the last six weeks ensuing we could function effectively with our firearms in any environment tell us - Boys, if you go to guns, you failed... Thats when I really started to understand what protection was all about.


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