The effectiveness of your security plan ultimately boils down to the capability and experience of the people executing it. We train thousands of people a year in protective skills, and have centuries of experience resident in the staff. We establish safe and challenging and effective custom training solutions to meet the needs of military, law enforcement, non-governmental and private organizations both at our facility and in remote locations. We look forward to enhancing the skills of your organization!


  • Risk Analysis and Identification
  • Reporting, Collecting and Processing Information
  • Effective Threat Sensitization and Briefing
  • Individual Unarmed Defensive Skills
  • Individual and Unit Armed Protective Skills
  • Individual Interpersonal Skills
  • Supervision and Turnover Procedures

Having a person in a uniform standing at a gate may deter amateurs and petty criminals, but professionals and dedicated actors will factor security into the equation. A well trained, engaged and competent agent has the skill and ability to recognize both. We focus on determining where we can have the significant impact on the risks you face and prepare your team to execute the required tasks to do it. Evaluation and training of the existing security forces is generally far more cost effective then layering additional protective services. With training, your frontline security forces can simply do more. Provide your security force with the experience and education to detect, deter and defend against the threats you face. See the difference professional skill development programs can have on your risk mitigation strategies!

testimonial author
Chris White
Training Services
The one thing you can't train into someone in a course like this common sense. We can control for it in training and keep you safe, but in the real world, there is no cure for ignorance.


testimonial author
Alexander Martin
CEO - Skye Maritime
Aegis Academy provided my team of maritime security professionals with an outstanding training package. The course of instruction was tailored precisely to our needs and the facility was tremendous. The instructors made the environment one focused on safety and excellence, but fun as well! We’ll definitely be using Aegis Academy in the future as we prepare for further private maritime security operations in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Africa.”