Welcome to the Personal Security Workshop. This course is focused on providing you with the ability to evaluate risk from the perspective of the perpetrator. Criminal profiling, the attack cycle and risk evaluation and mitigation are covered in detail. Get a behind the scenes look at Steve Tarani’s groundbreaking book Preventative Defense. Personal Security experts Douglas Esposito, Don Mirra, Steve Tarani and Patrick Henry have created a unique combination of lecture, interactive experiences and practical application that simply makes you safer.  You’ll leave this course with a definitive guide to taking responsibly for your own safety and security!


  • Fundamentals of Protective Intelligence
  • Criminal and Threat Behavior Indicators
  • The Psychology of Violence
  • Interpersonal Violence Prevention
  • Mass Violence Recognition and Response
  • Surviving Violent Encounters
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Engineering Environmental Advantages


Open Registration: $275.00

Breakfast and Lunch Included with open registration courses.

Online Lecture: Coming Soon!

On-Site Lecture: (2 Hours) $2500.00 plus travel

On-site Workshop: (7 Hours) $7500.00 plus travel

This course will provide you with the ability to evaluate your activities from an independent and practical perspective and enable you to view relevant segments of the world through the eyes of a criminal. Learn to implement the personal security practices that professionals use in high-threat environments to enhance their ability to predict, prevent and reduce the chances they will need to respond to potential threats. Lower your risk profile by understanding and avoiding the key elements predators prey on. Learn to recognize, leverage and ultimately break the attack cycle. Gain a behind the scenes look into Steve Tarani’s ground breaking book Preventative Defense. Access to our professionally programmed practice drills is included with the course, which will be available online in our E-Learning Portal upon completion. We look forward to seeing you reduce the number of potential victims in our community!

testimonial author
Steve Tarani
Protective Services
“Most of the dumber criminals are already in jail. The smarter ones tend to spend less time in a cage because they know how to select their victims. Personal security is a lot less about their intelligence and more about yours... Are you smart enough to convince them to attack someone else?”


testimonial author
Bertrand Haure
President - Conni USA
``This Aegis Academy workshop was different from the others I took over the years, in the sense it was more academic, but not less eye-opening.
It is dispensed with the same professionalism and same impressive faculty.
My favorite aspect of Aegis Academy is that classes are taught by some of the most hardcore and experienced operators and yet I always feel comfortable, they speak to my level and do not try to impress or boast. It’s in this environment I find I learn the best and I can take something home that will make a difference in my life & my community``