Private Lessons

Aegis Academy provides opportunities for clients to work on the skills they want to work on, at their pace, either individually or in small groups! We’ll work with you to build a custom curriculum that meets your needs, schedule the classrooms, range facilities and provide you with individual access to our world class staff focusing on helping you on mastering the skills on your priority list. Your Lesson Plan, Your Timeline, Your Goals – See the difference a day of private coaching can make!


Optional Academic Presentations

Tactical Pistol Training

Tactical Carbine Training

Tactical Shotgun Training

Advanced Course Material

Access to the Graduate Practice Library


Course Fee: $1000.00 per day.

Members Discounts apply for current members.

Rental firearms are available at additional cost.

Ammunition may be available for purchase at the range.

Prerequisite: None.

We can start with the Classroom and cover the theory and concepts of what you are trying to master, or go straight to the range and start the skill development process. Private Instruction is available for 1 – 3 people covering a single weapon for the day. You will be on a dedicated (Not Shared) Range Bay with a qualified member of the Aegis Academy Staff. We will ensure you leave with the tools and drills you need to become efficient and precise with your weapon. Access to elect elements of our professionally programmed practice drills is included with the course, and will be available online in our E-Learning Portal upon completion. The course is based on an eight hour training day with a reasonable break for lunch and can commence as early as 8:00AM, or we can start as late as 2:00 PM in support of night training evolutions. We look forward to seeing you on the range!

testimonial author
Eric T.
Range Master
Every shooter has that ``Ah - Ha`` moment when the light comes on and things just fall into place. What I like about the private lessons is we have the time and opportunity to capitalize on that moment and really ingrain the skills we are working on!


testimonial author
Sean M.
I cannot say enough about our instructors for the course. These guys are 110% class-acts. They where patient when needed, they pushed us ever so much to better ourselves, but kept the class light and energetic. The messages they conveyed were real. Every evolution we went through was not only explained to us in terms of technical skills but also in terms of real life applications. If we need extra time, we took it. If we felt we got it, we moved on. The speed of progression through the course was right on!