We begin the course with our ballistics and zeroing lecture to ensure you have the fundamental understanding of how to shoot your rifle at distance. Understanding how to zero, or sight in a gun is a crucial part of shooting any rifle well. We’ll cover just enough theory to get you on track before doing it on the range.  Once your Rifle is Zeroed, we do practical application of firing at varied ranges, and use windage and elevation adjustments to see how they effect bullet travel! Efficient manipulation, effectively clearing malfunctions and reloading of the carbine is covered in detail.


  • Physiology of shooting
  • Introduction to rifle ballistics
  • Zeroing
  • Shooting at Distance
  • Reloading
  • Malfunctions
  • Efficient Manipulation


Course Fee: $275.00

250 rounds of factory-produced ammunition required.

Rental firearms are available.

Rental fee includes equipment and ammunition.

Ammunition may be available for purchase at the range.

Prerequisite: Carbine One

We spend the morning taking the mystery out of zeroing a rifle. Many places, the military & law enforcement included, teach people what to do, when just a bit of the why shortens the process immensely. There is no good shortcut to understanding ballistics and zeroing, you just have to understand a few key points and it all makes sense. We will zero your gun and engage targets at varied ranges so you get a feel for how the process works. Then we spend the day mastering efficient manipulation covering malfunctions, reloads and mount in detail at varied ranges and on different targets. You’ll leave the course confident that you can engage targets at distance, and understand the theory and practice of how to set up any rifle to do so! Access to our professionally programmed practice drills is included with the course, and will be available online in our E-Learning Portal upon completion. This is the art and science of learning to shoot effectively. We look forward to seeing you on the range!

testimonial author
Josh Neill
I’m not sure why he would throw his hands up in the air and surrender in response to your type three malfunction, maybe you scared him with your superior manipulation skills, but you still need to look to see whats going on before you just press the trigger. Thats where Tap - Rack - Bang gets you in trouble....


testimonial author
Josh L.
As a former Infantry Marine with experience handling the AR platform, I thought the instruction and drills for this course were on point. The Aegis Academy staff not only demonstrated the proper techniques for each shooting evolution, they also explained the ``why``. If you can't zero your sights, understand basic bullet ballistics and properly reload your carbine, how proficient can you be? Aegis Academy will get you there!