Welcome to the Tactical Pistol Instructor Development program. The course begins with an in-depth look at physiology and conditioning principles and physical skill development theory. Effective instructional techniques are introduced throughout the course along with each days course materials. We work through the Aegis Academy Shotgun curriculum to expose you to how and why we built the progression and sustainment program in our to our open registration four-day program. Regardless of whether or not you teach at Aegis Academy, you’ll learn as much from the staff and your peers as we do from you!


  • Curriculum Design
  • Instructional Techniques for Skill Development
  • Tactically Sound and Safe Range Set Up
  • Ballistics & Ammunition
  • Shooting Diagnostic Techniques
  • Scenario Design
  • Teaching Marksmanship fundamentals
  • Teaching Firing Positions
  • Teaching One Handed & Close Contact Techniques
  • Teaching Barricades, Vehicles, and Use of Cover
  • Teaching Shooting on the Move
  • Teaching Night Firing Techniques



Course Cost: 3750.00

Ammunition is included.

Firearms are included.

Lodging is included at the Pala Resort and Casino.

Meals are included at the Pala Resort and Casino.

Prerequisite: Graduate of a Nationally Recognized Instructor Program

The Pistol Instructor Development Program will expose you to technical and conceptual skills that will enable you to communicate more effectively with your clients. The program includes on-site lodging, classroom facilities, meals, firearms, and ammunition in order to allow you and your peers to focus exclusively on the theory, techniques and skills you are developing. The collaborative nature of the program is set up with long hours with little down time and lodging / meals off site are not feasible. Each day will consist of a training specific lecture relevant to the skills we are teaching that day and a discussion of the previous nights reading on instructional techniques. Each evening, lecture materials and AV equipment are available for clients to prepare for the final days presentations. The days are packed with range and pistol specific safety considerations, skill development drills and instructor practical application of the teaching skills you are mastering!

testimonial author
Chris White
Range Master
I remember when we flew that clown into DamNeck as part of some exchange program with the ######## military. We get to the range and he tells us we need to ``Will the bullets into the target``. Really - Force of will. Thats the best you can do? GFY... I want my time back!


testimonial author
Pedro Ruiz
Firearms Instructor