Welcome to Tactical Pistol Training day five! This course gives you an in-depth understanding of how human beings physically and mentally react to darkness. At the range, we cover the basics of outside-the-waistband concealment with a jacket, and start to practice using cover and concealment and work with a flashlight. After a short dinner break, we move into the night shoot where we’ll apply what we learned in the previous courses (angles, distance, shooting on the move, malfunctions, barricades, and obstacles) – all in the dark!


  • Physiology & Psychology of Darkness
  • Cover and Concealment
  • Barricades and Obstacles
  • Use of Light
  • Night Firing Techniques
  • Access to the Graduate Practice Library


Course Fee: $275.00

350 rounds of factory-produced ammunition required.

Rental firearms are available.

Rental fee includes equipment and ammunition.

Ammunition may be available for purchase at the range.

Prerequisite: Tactical Pistol Three / Pass the Skill Check.

This course begins with our Physiology and Psychology of Darkness Lecture which prepares you to analyze and control your actions under stress in an unfamiliar environment. At the range, we’ll put that understanding to the test. We’ll warm up and begin providing the final training pieces that will make you an effective pistol shooter in low or no light scenarios. You’ll leave with an understanding of how you can overcome the challenges of violent encounters in low light, as well as capitalize on the opportunities it provides while practicing the techniques that will build efficient habits. Access to our professionally programmed practice drills is included with the course, and will be available online in our E-Learning Portal upon completion. We look forward to seeing you on the range!

Pistol Five Course
testimonial author
Douglas Esposito
I’m not convinced criminals are attracted to darkness. While violent crime rates do go up during hours of darkness, my guess is that criminals are attracted to drunks and drunks are far more prevalent at night…


testimonial author
Duke W.
Pistol Five Graduate
I've completed six courses. My wife and I had both received some instruction before -- some good and less good -- including a day-long course from another excellent program instructors from similar backgrounds. Aegis Academy is unsurpassed. Patrick has put together a great curriculum and an imminently qualified staff. While we were impressed with each of their training, knowledge and skill we were even more pleased by their dedication to making the instructional experience safe and rewarding.