Child Abduction

Child Abduction - Kidnapping aviodance - Aegis AcademyThis week we received a few comments and emails about protecting children from kidnappers, most likely sparked by the brazen attack in Encinitas, California last week by two men who attempted to force a seventeen year old girl into a van. Regardless of what the media chooses to report, the actual number of cases of child abduction are exceedingly rare. Far more often, child abduction is the result of disputes over custody. Exponentially topping that number is the number of runaway/throwaway children who end up exploited at the hands of human traffickers. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provides detailed data on all of these occurrences.
Aegis Academy - Child Abduction - Missing Children StatisticsDespite what Hollywood, Nancy Grace, and the local media would have us believe, child abduction like that depicted in the movie Taken, or nationally popularized cases like Hannah Anderson, Elizabeth Smart or Jaycee Dugard’s are exceptionally rare. That is probably … Read more »

The Anatomy of a Kidnapping

The Anatomy of a Kidnapping

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The number of kidnappings have increased year over year for the past decade. Terrorists, cartels and both organized and common criminals are adding kidnapping to their repertoire as it is lucrative addition to their revenue streams.

Some of this increase in volume represents an increase in traditional kidnappings. Some of it is due to the fact that muggers and robbers are getting smarter and using leverage as a tool, vice exclusively relying on fear and/or brute force. This has resulted in the adoption of the relatively new class of robbery/extortion/theft, which has been termed “express kidnapping”. This is a short term, comparatively low demand ransom that is executed generally in 12 – 36 hours. Ransoms are usually what a person has in a checking or savings account that can be withdrawn via ATM or from a local bank.

Regardless of the type of … Read more »

Sources of Information and Personal Security

The Impact of Accurate Information on Personal Security

Sources of Information - Aegis Acadmey - Travel Risk ManagementSince most of us choose not to live like a paranoid fanatic with cleared fields of fire from our front door to the keep-out signs surrounding our houses – life is about managing the risks we choose to accept. Everything we do from the moment we are born until the day we pass involves making risk assessments and developing various means of avoiding or mitigating the risk we choose to accept. We all do it every day and in many aspects of our lives we are experts. Unfortunately, it’s in the big-ticket items where people tend to make mistakes in this arena – and that unfortunately results in a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.

For starters – stop worrying about things that don’t happen and spend a few of those minutes preparing for the inevitable. If you simply plan for the … Read more »

Personal Safety Step One – Threat Avoidance

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In the world of threat management and protection there are three ways to handle a threat as it develops form a potential threat to an actual physical attack: threat avoidance, threat mitigation and threat defense.

For example if you can’t avoid a verbal argument with someone and they start to raise their voice, you could mitigate the threat by not shouting back at them. Shouting back only adds fuel to the fire. Your personal safety is better served trying to do everything you can to defuse the situation and lower the probability of the threat progressing to a physical attack. Failure to avoid or mitigate the threat and its progression would result in only one option – to defend against the physical threat.

Threat Avoidance results in the easiest and least amount of threat impact and is the most effective means of increasing your personal safety. Mitigation takes more time … Read more »