Paris Attacks – This is Quite Different…

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks that have killed 129 people. This is the first successful large-scale attack ISIS has been able to coordinate in the Western world. There is a large difference between encouraging disenfranchised youth to act out against the society they live in, and planning and executing a group of attacks like this. It represents a significant extension of the group’s proven capabilities as was predicted in the article on ISIS we released in August, which was the third in a series called Understanding Islamic Extremism.
As a review, the announcement of the death of Mullah Omar reset a significant portion of the loyalty chain that was keeping Al-Qaeda relevant in the global Jihadi movement. Zawahiri is nearly universally disliked while ISIS has been steadily rising in popularity. The death of Mullah Omar effectively put every AQ cell or operative in a position to … Read more »

Gun Rights, Personal Security and You

aegis academy, howard hall, firearms instructor, firearms training, gun rights, gun shootingGun Rights, Personal Security and You

In many ways, 2014 had been an exhausting year filled with events that illuminate the triumph of the human spirit as well as tragedies that shake us to our core.  It is unfortunate that the impact of the tragedies often outweigh the buoying nature of the triumphs.  Regardless, near-instantaneous global digital connectivity, the 24 hour news cycle and an unprecedented access to information send us an endless stream of facts, figures and opinions on just about every major event.  Even when supposedly objective data is presented, extreme elements of both sides obscure any kernel of truth by manipulating, exaggerating or committing hyperbole to promote their particular point of view.  This can leave the average American citizen to ask two essential questions: “What should I believe and what can I do about it?”aegis academy, howard hall, firearms instructor, firearms training, gun rights, gun shooting

In terms of triumph, tragedy and longevity, few social and legal … Read more »

Dabiq #4 – An ISIS recruiting tool

Dabiq # 4 – A look at the ISIS recruiting publication

Dabiq is a town in Syria near the border of Turkey with a number of Islamic cultural references. It was most likely chosen as the name of the ISIS recruiting publication due to the location being one of two places specifically identified in the Quran (Dabiq being the one under ISIS control at the moment) to watch for signs that judgement day was approaching. There are references to the arrival of “Romans”/Cursaders in Dabiq being one of the final indicatorsDabiq 4 - ISIS - Aegis Academy. The cover of issue 4, shown here, displays an ISIS flag being flown over the Vatican. The document is 53 pages long, and I will attempt to summarize the highlights and takeaways in considerably less than that.

First it is important to recognize that this is an ISIS recruiting tool aimed directly at Western English speaking Muslims. While … Read more »

The Solution to Elliot Rodger

He stopped when confronted with force…

Elliot RodgerWhat played out on Friday night in Santa Barbara was a deranged 22 year old carried out his plans for mass murder. He legally purchased three pistols and used one or more of them to kill three apparently randomly selected people and wound thirteen others. Prior to that, he also used a legally purchased knife to kill his three roommates. What ultimately stopped him was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

As the national spotlight swings back to mass murder, we will bring up guns, drugs, psychosis, background checks, social engagement and the usual fare. We can look at each of these in detail and come up with some options that may in some ways improve our ability to prevent or mitigate (reduce) the effectiveness of a potential attack.  Typically preventative measures catch most of the national spotlight in phrases like “Never Again”, … Read more »