Reducing Mass Violence

crime-scene-30112While I am no fan of the Brady campaigns use of inaccuracy, in this case they have used actual facts, to create a product that has the potential to reduce mass murder and homicide. This is quite different from their usual playback of blaming inanimate objects for societal failure. This concept has the potential to help start the process of alleviating those societal failures.
The Brady Campaign has developed a plugin for the Chrome browser that will block the names and photographs of any murderer from being displayed. Ogilvy and Mather are the marketing component of what they are calling “Zero Minutes of Fame”. The glorification of mass murder is a clear contributor to future acts of mass murder. That is not an opinion or idea; it’s a statically valid fact.
We know that nearly every mass murderer has studied and practically obsessed, about prior mass murderers. Certainly they look … Read more »