Red Dot Optics

red dot optics, aegis academy, chris white, firearms instructor, firearms training, pistol shootingThe evolution of optics

To understand how Red Dot Optics became the must have, high speed-low drag accessory for your weapon, we first must understand the shortcomings of traditional iron sights.

Iron sights have been around since the very beginning of firearms, but the biggest drawback is the shooters ability to quickly find the target and align both sights with his eye, manipulate a mechanical safety/trigger system and engage, this is usually done with your non-shooting eye closed. Works great at longer ranges with time, but add a much closer or moving target and low light into the mix and it gets very hard without years of proper training. As the modern battlefield became much more urbanized and Close Quarter Combat (CQC) became the norm, it was obvious that old school iron sights would not lend themselves to the new tactics being developed for this type of combat.

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Gun Control Advocacy – Toxic in 2014?

Gun Control Debate - Aegis Academy - Gun Free Zones  With the re-election of Sherriff David Clarke, we can see the beginning of public backlash against the push for senseless anti-gun laws. Gun Control Advocacy has been toxic in a number of races, and most recently we can see it playing out the Colorado Governors race. Incumbent Democrat John Hickenloper is virtually tied with newcomer Republican Bob Beauprez. This doesn’t happen in Colorado where incumbents tend to retire from the office rather then be voted out and democrats traditionally hold the governor’s office considerably more then republicans. The number one issue that swing voters cited in a recent poll – Passage of Colorado’s gun restrictions.

In fact, reaction to the gun control advocacy of two Colorado state senators (John Morse and Angela Giron) resulted in their recall and both were cast out. Here was Bloomberg’s response just last month to a question about the recall:

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Barrel Twist and Bullet Weight

Barrel TwistRight now, there is no shortage of information, both good and bad, on the Internet, at the gun shops, and on the ranges regarding the ‘Best’ bullets to use with your AR-15 carbine. Due to nationwide shortages from the “panic,” you may be stuck with whatever is left over for the next few months. Regardless, here are few things to think about before you buy your next batch of ammunition.

Almost all bullet manufacturers have a very “high end” bullet that will cost you a fortune. However, depending on your barrel’s ‘Twist rate’ (number of turns the bullet makes over a given length), that high end bullet may not give you the performance you thought you were paying for. 
 There are many factors to consider when choosing which ammunition to fire through your rifle.   Each rifle has a fixed barrel length and “twist rate” measuring how many times the projectile … Read more »